Pernik-born woman with Russian ties attacks Peevski

Silvia Cromer got her CorpBank deposits back through cessions

Silvia Cromer

Figureheads with deep Russian ties passing themselves off as American citizens are slandering our publisher, lawmaker Delyan Peevski, in relation to the Magnitsky Act claim. Such is the case with the mysterious CorpBank depositor Silvia Cromer, the latest pawn activated in the effort to make propaganda noise using the talking points formulated by fugitive banker Tsvetan Vassilev.

Figureheads with deep Russian ties passing themselves off as American citizens are slandering our publisher, lawmaker Delyan Peevski, in relation to the Magnitsky Act claim. Such is the case with the mysterious CorpBank depositor Silvia Cromer, the latest pawn activated in the effort to make propaganda noise using the talking points formulated by fugitive banker Tsvetan Vassilev. The Bulgarian Madoff, as Vassilev has been dubbed after building a financial pyramid around CorpBank and embezzling its depositors' money, has been paying hefty fees to lobbyists in the US to push forward a claim against our publisher under the Global Magnitsky Act in a desperate attempt to escape prosecution in Bulgaria. Meanwhile, all sorts of figureheads working for Vassilev constantly spread fake news revolving around the Magnitsky Act case. Keeping to that model, the website Frognews published an interview with the largely insignificant depositor Silvia Cromer. It is public knowledge that Ognyan Stefanov is financed by the Bulgarian Madoff to disseminate the latter's talking points and has effectively turned his website Frognews into a press centre of the fugitive banker.
The NGO We, the Citizens, owned by another former State Security agent, Vera Ahundova, who went under the alias Ana Hranova, has long been a mouthpiece for Vassilev's talking points too. It is extremely interesting to know why Ms Cromer, who resides in the US, decided to join the Magnitsky propaganda campaign conducted by We, the Citizens and was given platform to speak by Frognews.
Unlike Miami-born Senator for Florida Marc Rubio, before whom she claims to have aired her grievances against Peevski, Silvia Cromer was born in Pernik, Bulgaria. Besides photos inappropriate for the serious businesswoman Cromer purports to be, her Facebook page shows that she is friends with Daniel Bozhilov from We, the Citizens and Margarita Gencheva, a former employee of CorpBank and currently an administrator of the internet forum About Tsvetan Vassilev and CorpBank. To the official company registers, Silvia Cromer, who hints at having business interests in Bulgaria, is completely unknown. However, she is listed under her maiden name Gotseva as the owner of one folded company and one still operating. She is partners with her father Simeon Gotsev in the latter one. Cromer says she is a CorpBank depositor, explaining that the money she held in the lender that was drained and bankrupted by Vassilev came from “the sale of commercial real estate”. According to the Cadastre and Land Register, this was a deal involving a 188 sq m (2,023 sq ft) piece of land in Pernik that she had received as donation from her parents in 2008. Her father is the key figure in the family since according to the company register he has a large portfolio of wide-ranging business interests. In one of his companies, Gardenia VVV, Simeon Gotsev was partners with the Ukrainian citizen with Bulgarian passport Vadim Lobachov and Kazakhstan natives with Russian passports Natalia Akimova and Vyacheslav Levushkin. The interests of all three foreigners are mainly in the tourism and hotel sectors and they are stakeholders in numerous companies alongside Russian citizens doing business in Bulgaria. One of Lobachov's companies is even named Moscovia EOOD. Lobachov sold his company Hotel Ruskovets to the Russian citizen Vladimir Ilenho.
Gotsev's other business associate, Natalia Akimova, is partners in Interfarm Technology with the Russians Alexander Bogachev, Sofia Minich and Georgy Tordia. The big-picture view of Gotsev's partnerships and partners reveals that they are part of a network of Russian investors developing major business projects in Bulgaria. Perhaps it is a coincidence that Tsvetan Vassilev's closest cronies are also of Russian origin, like the so-called Orthodox oligarch Konstantin Malofeev.  
The lists published by CorpBank's bankruptcy administrators with the names of people concluding cessions throw additional light on the motivation of Ms Cromer who chose to take part in an absurd onslaught on our publisher under the Magnitsky act.
The agreements were sealed in order to grab the money kept as deposits when the sum total exceeded the returnable sum guaranteed by law or did not meet the requirements set in the normative acts, i.e. was deposited with preferential interests. It is not clear yet which of the requirements Ms Cromer did not meet; however, it is a proven fact that she concluded cessions amounting to another BGN 341,890. A person whose name comports with the name of her close relative Tsvetanka Kirilova Gotseva has concluded the third cession worth of another BGN 126,940. It turns out that the family managed to pocket about half a million lev of virtual money because the deposits in the bank were drained by the fugitive banker Tsvetan Vassilev and his cohort of acolytes and stooges.
The cessions and set-offs made with their help were among the main tools used for the secondary plunder of the bank that was effected at full fledge after the bank was put under special supervision. It was organised by the associates of Tsvetan Vassilev and implemented with the help of conservators of CorpBank. That is the reason why they were put to trial a few weeks ago. After the bankruptcy administrators entered the bank, they questioned in court a larger part of set-offs and cessions, and insisted that they should be annulled as fictitious, as no effective payments have been done to the bank. The act moved in by MP Delyan Peevski and his colleagues Yordan Tsonev and Hamid Hamid also envisages that all fictitious set-offs, cessions and transfers without real pay-ins to the bank may be declared invalid with an ante-date. No wonder that this could be the real motive of Silvia Cromer.   
Silvia Gotseva plays the same role for Tsvetan Vassilev as the infamous spy Anna Chapman did for the Kremlin - under the guise of an American citizenship, she is deceiving the US authorities and public. As it turns out, besides the two surnames under which information about Silvia can be found, she has a third identity in Facebook - a Silvia Mark profile. The company she keeps with that profile in the social media is worth noting. Her Facebook friends include the notorious judge Rumyana Chenalova and Georgi Georgiev, head of the NGO Boets, which serves the interests of Tsvetan Vassilev. Among her Facebook friends are also lawyer Nikolay Hadzhigenov and police investigator Boyko Atanasov, both of whom are close to the 'professional protesters' surrounding Yes, Bulgaria.
Fake depositors spread fake news
The departmental NGO of Tsvetan Vassilev, We, the Citizens, keeps on providing package services to their moustachioed benefactor Tsvetan Vassilev. The NGO presents itself as an association of depositors, victims of CorpBank's collapse. Agreeing with the principles of logic, these people should have been angry with the main culprit for the bank's collapse, namely its majority owner Tsvetan Vassilev. Instead, however, Vera Ahundova and self-appointed lawyer Daniel Bozhilov obediently reiterate the main talking points of the Bulgarian Madoff.
Along with the logistic support they provided to him after the complaint under the Magnitsky act, We, the Citizens non-stop generate fake news aimed against maverick persons like Delyan Peevski. The latest example is the interview with Daniel Bozhilov, naturally taken in the informal press centre of Frognews, hosted by the fugitive banker. Bozhilov elaborates on the favourite thesis of Tsvetan Vassilev: any figure of authority who goes after him is a friend of Peevski. In this particular case, he means the head of the Anti-Corruption Committee Plamen Georgiev. It is exactly the committee he heads that imposed restraint order on the assets of the Bulgarian Madoff, worth BGN 2bn. This is the reason why Georgiev was immediately portrayed as a figurehead of Peevski, and Bozhilov launched a libel campaign against them, one of his false claims being that Georgiev repeatedly audited our publisher and MP, and deliberately was constantly coming out with statements that no infringements were committed. The truth is that Peevski was the last to receive the results of the audit performed by the anti-corruption committee, because none of this body's employees has taken the trouble to inform him that he was a subject of an audit.

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