Facts and Figures

The translation service at the European Commission works with a team of 500 full-time translators – every third employee in the European institutions who has completed tertiary education is either a translator or an interpreter. This team is supported by additional 400 freelance translators who handle translations from Estonian to Dutch or Greek, for example; or from Portuguese to Maltese or Slovenian.
The translation expenses of the EU amount to 250 million Euro a year, or 50 Euro cents per capita given the EU has about 500 million citizens.
The European Personnel Selection Office (EPSO) is the institution that announces all competitions for recruiting translators and interpreters for the EU institutions. These competitions are held every summer.
Translators of written texts are awarded AD5 level, whereas conference interpreters can be awarded Grade AD7, which requires a longer professional experience.
About 60 000 pages are translated to Bulgarian annually at the European Union, which amounts to 3.5% of all translations made in the 23 official languages of the EU.
Translations to English (the most frequently used language) account for 14% of all translations, the share of French translations is 9.6%, of German - 7.8%, Spanish has 4.4% and Italian - 4.2%.

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