Bulgarian Orthodox Church chronicles presented in EP

His Eminence Simeon (left) and H. E. the Bulgarian Ambassador in Belgium Hristo Georgiev during the event in the EP.


A celebration of the 1140th anniversary of founding the Bulgarian Orthodox Church was held at the European Parliament in Brussels on 26 October. The unique event was attended by Metropolitan Simeon of Western and Central Europe and Metropolitan Dometian of Vidin, historian Malvina Gospodinova, initiator of the event, MEPs, guests from Bulgaria, diplomats, representatives of the European Commission and NATO, Bulgarian intellectuals, and many journalists. The guests were introduced to the luxurious bilingual volume Chronicles of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church. Metropolitan Dometian, reviewer of the book, quoted examples from Bulgarian church history that left a deep trace in both national and European spirituality and culture. Mitropolitan Simeon stressed the need for spiritual renewal and revival of society. Teodosii Spassov, who had come especially for the celebration, made an acappella performance of a Bulgarian folk song, which brought together dozens of employees of the European Parliament and guests in the transitional floors of the atrium.

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