55 000 parents will be granted BGN 375 as aid

Bulgaria’s Prime Minister Boyko Borissov and Minister of Labour and Social Policy Denitsa Sacheva announced new relief measures for the people who lost their jobs owing to the crisis. All parents who are on unpaid leave will receive a one-off aid to the amount of BGN 375. Aid will be granted if both parents or a single parent are on unpaid leave which is at least 20 workdays due to inability to work at home remotely.

Aids will be provided on the condition that they do not receive other welfare or if the parents cannot take a paid leave. Besides, the monthly income per family member has to amount to BGN 610, which is the minimum wage in Bulgaria. The new measures will be enforced as of the next week. About BGN 20m have been allocated which will be enough to pay to 55,000 families.

PM Borissov also announced that a contract was signed with South Korea under which our country will receive 30,000 PCR tests. “We have paid for them and ensured transportation. The South Korean tests are among the best available,” Borissov said and reminded that Bulgaria is expecting 600,000 PCR tests to be provided by the European Commission.       

 „In Bulgaria we are working in parallel and within several days will report how we will launch the local production of tests. It will not happen within 10 or 20 days but in 2-3 months we will do it,” he added.

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