20 artists create in 20x20 format

Little Bird Place Gallery in Sofia presents a group exhibition of 20 contemporary Bulgarian artists, limited to creating in 20x20 cm format, but without external interference in their internal state. The format is special and challenging, symmetrical and open to interpretation. Set not only to commemorate this unprecedented year, but also born of the need to accept our limitations in order to find new ways to break and overcome them.

And for the proper sending-off of 2020, the exposition, titled 20x20 Trans Format, collects, assembles, glues and exhibits at Little Bird Place an eclectic square collage, carefully selected and chaotically arranged by Antoaneta Quick.

On the one hand, 20x20 Trans Format connects, in times of distancing, the personal interpretations of the past year of each of these individuals and artists. On the other hand, it is a creation of mental, spiritual, emotional, creative or existential transformation on a personal and universal level. At the same time, it is a completely free aesthetic impulse, gathered up in a small square window, which, however, is widely open for different sights and views. Moreover, the square form suits the round eyes.

20x20 Trans Format consists of the aspiration of art itself to go beyond the form and beyond the format. It is a visible attempt for confirmation of a structure, which subsequently is being rejected.

Trans Format is a peculiar state of alertness in which one becomes self-aware and responds to external stimuli… While the Trans refuses to choose between trans and trance. Trans Format is an embodiment of the expression, by means of face and character.

Undoubtedly, 2020 was a year of catharses, upheavals and extremes that have led to a profound change in the way of thinking, in beliefs, values, ​​and the human mission. Life as we knew it underwent modification - the priorities were rearranged, and the goals were redirected. And there is no way back to the old form. The norm was broken so that we could just rediscover and rearrange it.

The exhibition's concept was conceived by ​​Rossen Uzunov, and the participating artists are Ana Avramova, Andrian Bekyarov, Atanas Levakov, Atanas Hranov, Zoran Mishe, Ivo Iliev - Yeto, J.Pank, Kalia Kalacheva, Kokimoto, Maria Alexandrova, Lyuben Domozetski, Nikolay Dimchevski - Nika, Nora Ampova, Svetoslav Anev, Stela Vasileva, Stoyan Hitrov - Stoyanin, Teodor Nedev, Yavor Boyanov, Yasen Zgurovski and Antoaneta Quick. It can be seen until 31 January 2021. The organisers also offer a 3D visualisation here: https://littlebirdplace.com/exhibition/20h20-trans-format-trans-format/.

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