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    • Caution brings safety

      Caution brings safety

      A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush - or caution brings safety - has become a slogan of bank customers during the pandemic. Before Covid-19 hit, the global economy was on the rise - companies were not hesitant to take out loans, investing in new business ventures and creating jobs, individuals were taking out mortgages as well as consumer loans to finance renovation works, vacations or car purchases. In the aftermath of the coronavirus pandemic outbreak, however, the world stood still.

    • Eurozone corporate lending stalls curbed by credit limits

      Eurozone corporate lending stalls curbed by credit limits

      Recession is strongly advancing in the Eurozone as ECB figures showed a slowing pace in corporate lending and financing, Reuters reported. The big story behind this phenomenon goes back to 2020. In the peak times of pandemic lots of European companies rushed to secure funds to offset the expected lowdown. The slowdown came and still goes on but the majority of firms have already reached their credit limits and can not afford more loans.