• UK intervenes in Nvidia’s $40bn takeover of Arm

      UK intervenes in Nvidia’s $40bn takeover of Arm

      The UK government has decided to intervene in Nvidia’s proposed $40bn deal with British chip designer Arm, citing 'national security grounds'. It’s not clear what the national security grounds are but the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport said it “considered advice received from officials across the investment security community.”

    • Happy 40th Birthday, Pac-Man

      Happy 40th Birthday, Pac-Man

      Forty years ago Friday the most popular video game of all time was released. Today, the game has been born again, this time the result of an artificial intelligence model undertaken by Nvidia Research. And it was accomplished without an underlying game engine, the standard procedure for designing such games, but rather by training a neural network by having it "watch" 50,000 hours of the original game.

    • NVIDIA outbids Intel for major Israeli chip maker

      NVIDIA outbids Intel for major Israeli chip maker

      NVIDIA has reportedly made a winning offer to acquire Mellanox, a chip maker best known for its high-performance computing and networking tech. Even though it is not yet publicly confirmed, financial news outlet Calcalist and Reuters announced that NVIDIA outbid its main rival Intel by offering more than $7bn - well past the $6bn Intel decided to pay a few months ago. These offers come after Mellanox essentially offered itself for sale in October 2018, which reportedly also garnered attention from Microsoft and Xilinx.