Little Bird Place gallery

    • Thorny summer

      Thorny summer

      The exhibition Thorny Summer presents four artists based in Berlin - Vikenti Komitski, Jazoo Jang, Francisco Montoya Cazarez and Ties Ten Bosch. Different by origin and authorial pursuits, they are united by the free-thinking of the contemporary Berlin scene, which has become a focal point of their careers and acquaintances.

    • Figure 1.A. - the art of science

      Figure 1.A. - the art of science

      Figure 1.A. is a non-governmental organisation based in Switzerland - a team of scientists and artists who have been organising exhibitions for five years, revealing the aesthetic appeal of science and scientific exploration. Behind the initiative lies a concrete mission - creating conditions for light and open-minded communication between the public and the sciences, which overcomes the distance caused by the specific processes and knowledge that accompany each scientific field.

    • Screen print with me

      Screen print with me

      In the last few months, 13 Bulgarian artists were introduced to the serigraphy printing technique or deepened their knowledge of it, participating in creative workshops at Sito Studio. Using new methods and techniques, the artists recreated their inner world and their connection with nature, their hopes and ideas about the future and the biological world around us. Each of the works is hand-printed and signed by the artists, collected in a limited edition of 35 pieces, in three colours, sized 100x70cm.

    • On the flipside

      On the flipside

      Little Bird Place Gallery presents in Sofia an exhibition of selected works from the contemporary art collection of Nikolay Nedelchev. From 18 May to 6 June, visitors to the gallery can see artworks by Kolio Karamfilov, Deyan Yanev, Dimitar Genchev, Stanimir Genov, Rositsa Getsova, Ivo Bistrichki, Sirma Sarafova - Orahovac, Vikenti Komitski, Stela Vasileva, Krassimir Krastev - RASSIM, Lyuben Petrov, Yuliy Takov, Kalina Mavrodieva, Gabriela Toncheva.

    • The human soul - an inside look

      The human soul - an inside look

      Little Bird Place Gallery in Sofia is presenting yet another journey - this time into the depths of the human soul, using as vehicle the paintings of Kalina Hristova. Her solo exhibition Transformation opened on 21 April and can be seen until 15 May.

    • Rossen Uzunov: True enjoyment of art comes from seeing it live

      Rossen Uzunov: True enjoyment of art comes from seeing it live

      I believe that the gallery having a specific profile and focus is useful and interesting to both art lovers and nature lovers. It is fascinating to see these two audiences mingle, communicate, and discover new things each for their own selves, says gallerist Rossen Uzunov in an interview to EUROPOST.

    • Border of the moment

      Border of the moment

      Little Bird Place Gallery in Sofia presents Border of the Moment - a new cycle of vector graphics by Kamen Starchev. The series of seven artworks was created in 2020 especially for the space of Little Bird Place.

    • Artist depicts parts of himself

      Artist depicts parts of himself

      Bloom is an exhibition that follows - in a way - that same thread of semantics and genre characteristics seen in Lyuben Domozetski's debut solo exhibition: this is the scientific illustration and the experiment with it. But it is exactly in these experiments, which are the centre of the exposition, that something new seems to be sneaking in, something different from the ones last year: namely, the human presence.

    • 20 artists create in 20x20 format

      20 artists create in 20x20 format

      Little Bird Place Gallery in Sofia presents a group exhibition of 20 contemporary Bulgarian artists, limited to creating in 20x20 cm format, but without external interference in their internal state. The format is special and challenging, symmetrical and open to interpretation. Set not only to commemorate this unprecedented year, but also born of the need to accept our limitations in order to find new ways to break and overcome them.