Ivan Kostov

    • Reflections in the mirror

      Reflections in the mirror

      Ivan Kostov creates sculptures for architectural environments and architectural design. He studied ceramics at the National Academy of Arts in Sofia, from which he graduated in 1986. His works are module structures that he describes as meant to cause at a subconscious level “an exhilarating feeling of joy and satisfaction of what is happening in them”.

    • Kostov puts B team in the game

      Kostov puts B team in the game

      Just a day after liar №1 in the country Hristo Ivanov, aka Pinocchio, a battering ram for the oligarchy and the Capital circle, turned up in the Rosenets area and unloaded a pack of lies, former PM Ivan Kostov put the behind-the-scenes clique’s B team in the game. Gen. Atanas Atanasov, who serves as something of an avatar for the so-called Commander, made an appearance on bTV, the network providing coverage favourable to the anti-government protests, to put on the latest Capital circus show.

    • Delyan Peevski is inconvenient for #WHO?

      Delyan Peevski is inconvenient for #WHO?

      Who turned the country into a sieve?

      Who is stealing directly from our pockets through electricity and natural gas bills that have been artificially pumped up for decades?

      Who turned our hospitals into hostages of a pharmaceutical giant, sending the healthcare system into decay?

    • Kostov’s Stoyana adopts fraudulent protester because of Delyan Peevski

      Kostov’s Stoyana adopts fraudulent protester because of Delyan Peevski

      The paltry protest staged by an activist of the Association of European Journalists – Bulgaria in Berlin, of which we informed our readers on 19 July, has officially been covered by the №1 website for fake news in Bulgaria – Mediapool. To remove any doubt as to the authenticity of the information posted there, the Berlin protester, who made posters by hand and hung them on a tree outside the Bulgarian embassy in the German capital, presents himself as an independent journalist. Well, how independent he could really be when he reports on his own protest?

    • Revelation: #WHO attacks Peevski

      Revelation: #WHO attacks Peevski

      The mafia in Bulgaria has yet again gone after lawmaker from the opposition Movement for Rights and Freedoms (MRF) and publisher of Telegraph Media Delyan Peevski. Not a day goes by without the media outlets of the oligarchy’s barons spouting yet another lie about the MP. This vicious campaign has been going on for more than 10 years, and its orchestrators must have ran out of ideas a long time ago because they are now constantly abusing the same themes. To get to the bottom of this vile mesh of lies, false reports, defamation tactics and outright fabrications, it is best to look at it through the prism of the basic journalistic questions designed to uncover the objective truth.

    • Practice makes perfect the oligarchs' propaganda against Delyan Peevski

      Practice makes perfect the oligarchs' propaganda against Delyan Peevski

      For some people, practice makes perfect the knowledge. For oligarch-publishers like Ivo Prokopiev, it makes perfect the propaganda. No, not only because of Goebbels' postulate of how a lie can be turned into truth with a hundred repetitions. Also because of the hope, which is obviously harboured by them, that by reprinting the lies by means of indigo, their manipulations will reach more readers and some of them may trust them.

    • Transparent distraction tactic

      Transparent distraction tactic

      It is 28 June 2017. The Prosecutor’s Office brings charges against two former chairpersons of the country’s energy regulator EWRC (at the time Energy and Water State Regulatory Commission), Angel Semerdzhiev and Svetla Todorova, for abuse of official capacity. Semerdzhiev was at the helm of the watchdog from 2011 until 2013, while Todorova’s term lasted from 2014 until 2015.