• Amazon made $9bn offer for MGM

      Amazon made $9bn offer for MGM

      Amazon is into heavy negotiations to acquire MGM for about $9bn, industry sources told Variety today. According to the news outlet, the tech giant has reportedly been negotiating a deal for "weeks", which confirms information first reported on Monday that Amazon was in talks for a potential deal that could run between $7bn and $10bn.

    • Google scores a deal over Starlink high-speed net

      Google scores a deal over Starlink high-speed net

      Google announced it had won a deal to provide cloud services to SpaceX and work in the team related to the Starlink satellite high-speed interned, Reuters reported. SpaceX will install ground stations at Google data centers that connect to Starlink satellites, with an eye toward providing fast internet service to enterprises in the second half of this year, CNBC elaborated.

    • Xiaomi drops off US blacklist

      Xiaomi drops off US blacklist

      The Chinese tech giant Xiaomi and US Department of Defense settled a deal to remove the company from a government blacklist, a court filing showed, marking a radical reversal from the restrictive approach of the administration of the then President Donald Trump, Reuters reported. Xiaomi had sued the US government earlier this year, after the Defense Department issued an order designating the firm as a Communist Chinese Military Company, which would have led to a de-listing from US exchanges and deletion from global benchmark indexes.

    • Bezos, Musk clash over lucrative NASA deal

      Bezos, Musk clash over lucrative NASA deal

      The two richest persons in the world Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos clashed over the NASA moon landing contract, Reuters reported. The contract was initially awarded to the company of Elon Musk SpaceX. US Blue Origin, the space rocket company, controlled by Jeff Bezos, announced it was formally challenging the $2.9 billion NASA deal with rival SpaceX.

    • Toyota seals a $550m deal to buy self driving Lyft unit

      Toyota seals a $550m deal to buy self driving Lyft unit

      The Japanese Toyota carmaker stepped up actions to finalize the deal to acquire Lyft self-driving technology unit in a deal valued at 550 million dollars, Reuters reported. The expected merger is a key milestone in Toyota’s automation ambitions. The deal involving Level 5 automation firm and will further secure Toyota’s access to the US ride-hailing company with more than 300 employees.

    • Betway value edges to $5bn ahead of IPO

      Betway value edges to $5bn ahead of IPO

      Super Group, the parent company of online bookmaker Betway, announced it had reached a deal to go public, Reuters reported. The firm elaborated it was using a merger with blank-check acquisition company Sports Entertainment Acquisition Corp. at a valuation of around 5 billion dollars. The European bookmaker Betway paves its way to expand operations in US on the back of the IPO. It also acknowledged it had reached a deal to merge with the Digital Gaming Corp. to gain access to 10 American states.

    • Panasonic buys US Blue Yonder for $7.1bn

      Panasonic buys US Blue Yonder for $7.1bn

      Japan’s Panasonic conglomerate announced it would buy the US supply chain software company Blue Yonder, Reuters reported. The acquisition is valued at 7.1 billion dollars and will be the biggest deal for Panasonic in more than 10 years. It has already bought a 20% minority stake in Blue Yonder last year. The transaction was worth some $797 million and secured a seat on the board for Panasonic. Now it aims to secure the reminder of the shares. The stocks are at present controlled by Blackstone Group and New Mountain Capital.

    • $680m Chicago Tribune deal collapses

      $680m Chicago Tribune deal collapses

      One of the long-planned and executed deals in the media business – the $680m takeover of the popular US Chicago Tribune chain collapsed as one of the partners in the buyer consortium pulled back, leaving the takeover unfinished in terms of secured funding, AP reported. Stewart Bainum, who is moving the transaction, now has to attract urgently new investors after the Swiss billionaire Hansjorg Wyss opted to drop off.

    • Toshiba forced to seek alternative to $20bn takeover bid

      Toshiba forced to seek alternative to $20bn takeover bid

      The pressure on Japanese electronics conglomerate Toshiba is increasing as major shareholders urged the management to seek new options for potential buyers to compete to the $20bn buyout offer from CVC Capital partners, Reuters reported. The intentions of CVC were to take off Toshiba from the stock exchange and transform it in a private company in a move to improve corporate governance and improve market performance.