• Israeli election leads to deadlock

      Israeli election leads to deadlock

      The elections held in Israel on Tuesday will produce a deadlock, according to the results, which are still to be finalized. Vote tallying so far shows that neither PM Benjamin Netanyahu nor those determined to topple him manage to gain a clear path to forming a government, AP reported. A final tally is expected by Friday.

    • Sweden likely to keep Lofven as PM

      Sweden likely to keep Lofven as PM

      Sweden’s Social Democratic Leader Stefan Lofven is highly expected to be chosen prime minister for another four years in power after convincing the Swedish Left Party to support his new centrist government. Lofven already has the backing of the Centre, Liberals and Greens, bringing together parties from the centre-left and center-right blocs. But after two days of talks, Left Party Leader Jonas Sjostedt also said he would back Lofven’s new coalition, giving the former welder the numbers he needs to be elected to a second term in a vote on Friday.