CES 2020

    • CES 2020: Bigger, better... weirder

      CES 2020: Bigger, better... weirder

      CES 2020 kicked off a new year, and a new decade, in some style with one of the strongest line-ups of major tech launches and weird and wonderful startups the world has seen in a long time. Some of the products that debuted at this year's Consumer Electronics Show are set to be released in the months that follow, while other technologies shown off at the event are merely a taste of things to come down the road. There is one thing you can always count on though, and it’s that they are some of the most exciting technological breakthroughs of the year.

    • Toyota to build ‘city of the future’ in Japan

      Toyota to build ‘city of the future’ in Japan

      Toyota plans to build a “prototype city of the future” on a 175-acre site at the base of Mt. Fuji in Japan to test and develop new emerging technologies such as autonomous vehicles. As described by Akio Toyoda, president of the automaker, the “Woven City” would represent a “living laboratory” that will include thousands of residents and will test autonomous vehicles, robotics, personal mobility, smart homes and artificial intelligence in a real-world environment.