Art and Culture Today

    • IMAGO presents pop-up exhibition in Sofia

      IMAGO presents pop-up exhibition in Sofia

      After a one-year break, IMAGO International Artist Residency is once again hosting artists from around the world who have chosen to develop their projects as part of the residency programme in the village of Tsarimir, Bulgaria.

    • Figure 1.A. - the art of science

      Figure 1.A. - the art of science

      Figure 1.A. is a non-governmental organisation based in Switzerland - a team of scientists and artists who have been organising exhibitions for five years, revealing the aesthetic appeal of science and scientific exploration. Behind the initiative lies a concrete mission - creating conditions for light and open-minded communication between the public and the sciences, which overcomes the distance caused by the specific processes and knowledge that accompany each scientific field.

    • Screen print with me

      Screen print with me

      In the last few months, 13 Bulgarian artists were introduced to the serigraphy printing technique or deepened their knowledge of it, participating in creative workshops at Sito Studio. Using new methods and techniques, the artists recreated their inner world and their connection with nature, their hopes and ideas about the future and the biological world around us. Each of the works is hand-printed and signed by the artists, collected in a limited edition of 35 pieces, in three colours, sized 100x70cm.