• Anish Kapoor to debut first vantablack sculptures

      Anish Kapoor to debut first vantablack sculptures

      Renowned artist Anish Kapoor announced he will present a new series of works using the “blackest material in the universe” at the Gallerie dell'Accademia during next year's Venice Biennale. The event will mark the first time the public has the chance of seeing the so-called Vantablack S-VIS material used in Kapoor's work of art, even though he already unveiled a limited-edition $95,000 Vantablack timepiece with Swiss watchmaker Manufacture Contemporaine du Temps in fall 2016.

    • Digital art enchants Sofia

      Digital art enchants Sofia

      The seventh edition of the International Digital Art Festival will take place in Sofia next week, from 22 until 26 October. Organised by the National Academy of Arts and the DA Lab foundation, DA FEST [7] will feature a wide range of exhibitions; audio-visual, theatre and VR performances; video art projections; lectures and presentations; workshops and concerts, revealing a plethora of explorations and art practices in the field of digital art.

    • Marina Abramovic returns home to inspire

      Marina Abramovic returns home to inspire

      Marina Abramovic is one of the most famous, extravagant and unscrupulous performance artists in the world. Known as the grandmother of performance art, in her memorable and breathtaking exhibitions, she has always explored the relationship between a performer and an audience, limits of human body and possibilities of a mind. And now, her return to Belgrade is - as she describes it herself - a big deal professionally, as well personally.

    • Connected with the Earth

      Connected with the Earth

      “Earthbound: Tales of Man and Nature” is an exposition in which the works of the Bulgarian and German artists are brought together to explore the esthetic, political, ecological and psychological aspects of Nature and natural environment. The exhibition is to be opened on 28 August at the Goethe Institute-Bulgaria in Sofia.

    • The hidden secrets of Da Vinci’s “Virgin of the Rocks”

      The hidden secrets of Da Vinci’s “Virgin of the Rocks”

      Thanks to books and movies like The Da Vinci Code, the name Leonardo da Vinci isn't just associated with being a polymath and a historically important genius, but also a mystery. The National Gallery in England has been working on such a mystery since 2005, and now it's come closer to understanding the secrets of Da Vinci's hidden painting.