• Amazon wins a €250m court battle with EU

      Amazon wins a €250m court battle with EU

      The Luxembourg-based General Court scrapped an EU order aimed to make the e-commerce giant Amazon pay some 250 million euros in back taxes to Luxembourg, Reuters reported. "The Commission did not prove to the requisite legal standard that there was an undue reduction of the tax burden of a European subsidiary of the Amazon group," the judge said.

    • Amazon wipes 10bn counterfeit listings

      Amazon wipes 10bn counterfeit listings

      The world's biggest e-commerce company Amazon announced it had blocked over 10 billion false listings over the past year, AP reported. The operation comes in response to mounting complains from shoppers and brands. The complaints spurred a massive campaign against phony listings. The data was released in Amazon’s first report on its anti-counterfeiting efforts since it announced new tools and technologies in 2019. The number of blocked phony listings last year was up about 67% from the year before.

    • Amazon Q1 profit triples as sales surge above $100bn

      Amazon Q1 profit triples as sales surge above $100bn

      The biggest e-commerce company in the world Amazon is also the biggest winner from pandemic, AP reported. Amazon continued to cruise on the pandemic online trading boom and sales in the first quarter of 2021 topped 100 billion dollars. The company noted that clients attracted to online ordering in the peak of pandemic, remained with the firm and kept on buying online even though Covid-19 retreated from their countries and regions and the pandemic-driven restrictions were eased.

    • Amazon launches pay-by-palm stores

      Amazon launches pay-by-palm stores

      The global e-commerce giant announced it had introduced its new pay-by-palm technology in some of the Whole Foods groceries, AP reported. The points with the newly introduced biometric authorized payments are located near the company’s headquarters. The innovation allows customers to use their palms to connect o an Amazon credit card and authorize payments. The technology, called Amazon One, lets shoppers scan the palm of their hand and proceed with their transactions.

    • Amazon's new Echo Show smart screen moves with you

      Amazon's new Echo Show smart screen moves with you

      It follows you around the room. No matter where you walk, the screen will stay pointed at you, like a pair of eyes in some haunted picture. Yes, your suggestion is probably right - we are talking about the new Echo Show 10 - Amazon's latest gadget that has created a new concept for its smart speakers with displays, which have mostly remained unchanged for years.

    • Jeff Bezos backs Biden for higher taxes for US companies

      Jeff Bezos backs Biden for higher taxes for US companies

      Amazon founder and majority shareholder Jeff Bezos has vowed support for the plan of US president Joe Biden to raise taxes for US companies to compensate for record high stimulus packages, BBC reported. The comments by the world's richest man come as Biden pushes to raise the corporate rate from 21% to 28%.The rise would help pay for a massive spending plan to upgrade America's roads, ports, water pipes and internet.In his speech unveiling the proposal, Biden singled out Amazon as an example of a company that pays too little.