• Thorny summer

      Thorny summer

      The exhibition Thorny Summer presents four artists based in Berlin - Vikenti Komitski, Jazoo Jang, Francisco Montoya Cazarez and Ties Ten Bosch. Different by origin and authorial pursuits, they are united by the free-thinking of the contemporary Berlin scene, which has become a focal point of their careers and acquaintances.

    • Portraits with masks

      Portraits with masks

      Not only visitors but also portraits wear masks at the Easel and Camera contemporary art gallery in the Egyptian capital of Cairo. The exhibition Pandemic by Mohamed Bassuony reminds us, with some irony and sense of humour, about the profound changes brought on by the year 2020.

    • Artists of naive art from all over the world exhibit in Veliko Tarnovo

      Artists of naive art from all over the world exhibit in Veliko Tarnovo

      International Salon Naive is presenting an enriched exposition in the town of Veliko Tarnovo. The exhibition halls Rafael Mihaylov are the second location after Sofia where artists from all over the world who paint in a naive style show their artworks, announced Daniela Ossikovska, a volunteer for the organisation team at the opening of the event.

    • Figure 1.A. - the art of science

      Figure 1.A. - the art of science

      Figure 1.A. is a non-governmental organisation based in Switzerland - a team of scientists and artists who have been organising exhibitions for five years, revealing the aesthetic appeal of science and scientific exploration. Behind the initiative lies a concrete mission - creating conditions for light and open-minded communication between the public and the sciences, which overcomes the distance caused by the specific processes and knowledge that accompany each scientific field.

    • Joan Miro between words and images

      Joan Miro between words and images

      As a passionate reader and a good friend of poets, Joan Miro explored the paths of both painting and poetry simultaneously in his work, though eschewing any form of academicism, in a personal quest that did not ascribe to any particular movement. Throughout his life, poetry was a source of inspiration for him.

    • The human soul - an inside look

      The human soul - an inside look

      Little Bird Place Gallery in Sofia is presenting yet another journey - this time into the depths of the human soul, using as vehicle the paintings of Kalina Hristova. Her solo exhibition Transformation opened on 21 April and can be seen until 15 May.

    • A for Unapologetic

      A for Unapologetic

      The exhibition A for Unapologetic features eleven artists, representatives of the young and emerging art scene in Albania. Their presentation is part of the NEXT Balkan platform, which reviews trends in the contemporary art on the Balkans. Following the exposition of Serbian contemporary art in 2019, the current event represents the curatorial perspective on the Albanian art scene by Adela Demetja, founder and director of Tirana Art Lab - Centre for Contemporary Art.

    • An artist between two eras

      An artist between two eras

      In 2019, Andrey Daniel was invited to work with a team of the Sofia City Art Gallery on a solo exhibition. In the process of figuring out the appropriate collection of pieces, the artist suddenly passed away.