• The human soul - an inside look

      The human soul - an inside look

      Little Bird Place Gallery in Sofia is presenting yet another journey - this time into the depths of the human soul, using as vehicle the paintings of Kalina Hristova. Her solo exhibition Transformation opened on 21 April and can be seen until 15 May.

    • A for Unapologetic

      A for Unapologetic

      The exhibition A for Unapologetic features eleven artists, representatives of the young and emerging art scene in Albania. Their presentation is part of the NEXT Balkan platform, which reviews trends in the contemporary art on the Balkans. Following the exposition of Serbian contemporary art in 2019, the current event represents the curatorial perspective on the Albanian art scene by Adela Demetja, founder and director of Tirana Art Lab - Centre for Contemporary Art.

    • An artist between two eras

      An artist between two eras

      In 2019, Andrey Daniel was invited to work with a team of the Sofia City Art Gallery on a solo exhibition. In the process of figuring out the appropriate collection of pieces, the artist suddenly passed away.

    • Wings fluttering through the window

      Wings fluttering through the window

      The joint project I Heard Wings Fluttering Through the Window, by Sophia Grancharova, Marta Djourina and Maria Nalbantova, started with an invitation from Ina Kancheva to the three finalists for the National Visual Arts Scholarship, Reaching for the Stars, to work together as a group and co-artists in creating a unified piece of work. The project is a conversation taking us through the transient fields of sleep. The amorphousness of sleep as a metaphor for memories and recollection.

    • Border of the moment

      Border of the moment

      Little Bird Place Gallery in Sofia presents Border of the Moment - a new cycle of vector graphics by Kamen Starchev. The series of seven artworks was created in 2020 especially for the space of Little Bird Place.

    • Pretty sure it's just the wind

      Pretty sure it's just the wind

      The exhibition Pretty Sure It's Just the Wind brings a whiff of freshness from Germany and the contemporary art scene together with the coming of March and the spring of 2021. Curated by Victoria Draganova, the project spans two locations in Sofia: Goethe-Institut Bulgaria and Swimming Pool. It is also the opening event of the year at the Institut's renovated gallery.

    • Artist depicts parts of himself

      Artist depicts parts of himself

      Bloom is an exhibition that follows - in a way - that same thread of semantics and genre characteristics seen in Lyuben Domozetski's debut solo exhibition: this is the scientific illustration and the experiment with it. But it is exactly in these experiments, which are the centre of the exposition, that something new seems to be sneaking in, something different from the ones last year: namely, the human presence.

    • Reflections in the mirror

      Reflections in the mirror

      Ivan Kostov creates sculptures for architectural environments and architectural design. He studied ceramics at the National Academy of Arts in Sofia, from which he graduated in 1986. His works are module structures that he describes as meant to cause at a subconscious level “an exhilarating feeling of joy and satisfaction of what is happening in them”.