• Wings fluttering through the window

      Wings fluttering through the window

      The joint project I Heard Wings Fluttering Through the Window, by Sophia Grancharova, Marta Djourina and Maria Nalbantova, started with an invitation from Ina Kancheva to the three finalists for the National Visual Arts Scholarship, Reaching for the Stars, to work together as a group and co-artists in creating a unified piece of work. The project is a conversation taking us through the transient fields of sleep. The amorphousness of sleep as a metaphor for memories and recollection.

    • I hate music… but I like to sing

      I hate music… but I like to sing

      The second concert of the cycle Music Without Borders will be performed on 20 March on the stage of the Stara Zagora State Opera. I Hate Music… but I Like to Sing starts a series of special multi-genre chamber concerts, which will offer the audience surprising and pleasant meetings with unfamiliar works from among the world's musical treasures, interpreted by the opera's star soloists.

    • Artist for one night? Why not

      Artist for one night? Why not

      The entrepreneurial family of Dani and Vladislav Zaharievi offers a form of entertainment they've called: Painting and wine for relaxation after the working day.

      The atmosphere is pleasant, and the location is convenient. Their studio is situated at 20 Galileo Galilei St in Sofia. A quality drink sparkles in an elegant glass next to the easel and the visitors decide on their own in what company they can spend a few hours in an atmosphere of creativity and without any tension. The value added for the client is that at the end of the evening they leave the place with a painting drawn by themselves.

    • Artist Chavdar Ghiuselev decapitates worldly vanity

      Artist Chavdar Ghiuselev decapitates worldly vanity

      One of the most prestigious galleries in Sofia, Rakursi Art Gallery, presents the exhibition Free Flying Heads - paintings and graphics by Chavdar Ghiuselev, an artist well-known in Bulgaria and Italy. After several delays due to the coronavirus pandemic, the exposition successfully coincides with the artist's 60th anniversary.

    • Border of the moment

      Border of the moment

      Little Bird Place Gallery in Sofia presents Border of the Moment - a new cycle of vector graphics by Kamen Starchev. The series of seven artworks was created in 2020 especially for the space of Little Bird Place.

    • Romanian film wins Berlinale’s Golden Bear

      Romanian film wins Berlinale’s Golden Bear

      The Romanian director Radu Jude’s “Bad Luck Banging or Loony Porn”, a sexually explicit dark comedy of the everyday aggression experienced by a teacher in contemporary Bucharest, won the Berlin Film Festival’s Golden Bear award on Friday, Reuters reported.