• Superstar Garanca to sing in Sofia

      Superstar Garanca to sing in Sofia

      Elina Garanca, the world-renowned opera singer with unique timbre and sensuous voice, is set to perform in Hall 1 of the National Palace of Culture in Sofia on 23 September. The beautiful mezzosoprano has been invited by the Sofia Philharmonic to give a concert under the guidance of one of the most beloved contemporary conductors - Karel Mark Chichon.

    • The knight of steel ladies

      The knight of steel ladies

      On June 13, sculptor Jivko Sedlarski opened a solo exhibition at the Aspect gallery in Plovdiv. The exposition comprises 10 of his women figures clad in dresses made of brass and stainless steel. His 2.3 metres high Deva (Virgo) is put up in front of the gallery near the City Hall of Bulgaria's second largest city. It is made of concrete reinforcement wire. This is the third exhibition of the original artist in a city which has been a European Capital of Culture. The previous ones were staged in Maribor, Slovenia, and Marseilles, France.

    • What remains -  photos which  touch the heart

      What remains - photos which touch the heart

      What Remains is the title of a photobook which Italian photographer Alberto Gandolfo presents in Sofia with an exposition that will be opened in the Ko-OP gallery until 7 July. The event is organised as part of the 6th edition of the Fotofabrika Festival.

    • The Maestro's illusionary road

      The Maestro's illusionary road

      Over 100 paintings by Academician Svetlin Rusev, some of them never exhibited before, are shown at an exposition titled The Road, dedicated to one of the most iconic names in Bulgarian art. The exhibition was organised by the Union of Collectors in Bulgaria with 21 of its members lending Rusev's works kept in their private collections.

    • Eric Weiner: The world is starving for wisdom

      Eric Weiner: The world is starving for wisdom

      Wisdom is something very different form information; it is very different from knowledge too. Wisdom is related not to the existential question “what” but rather “how”. How can we become better citizens, friends and people? I hope that my new book can somehow contribute to the revival of this kind of philosophy of wisdom. This is the role that philosophy used to have and should have - once again - in people's lives, journalist and author Eric Weiner says in an interview to BTA.

    • Bulgaria's great opera voices

      Bulgaria's great opera voices

      The exclusive album series Bulgaria's Great Opera Voices presents, for the first time, restored analogue recordings by some of the country's most famous opera singers of the past, the project's music producers announced.

    • Director Boyko Iliev: Without soul the stage is nothing

      Director Boyko Iliev: Without soul the stage is nothing

      The 30th anniversary since the creation of Dialogue, the first private theatre in Bulgaria's modern history, was marked with the production Antichrist. Some 20 other attempts to start private theatre companies have failed spectacularly over the years. Today, the concept of an argumentative, even contrarian style of making theatre with unique aesthetics is being kept alive by New Theatre - NDK, says director Boyko Iliev in an interview with EUROPOST.