• Moderate rightist looks to the Elysee Palace

      Moderate rightist looks to the Elysee Palace

      After the regional elections in France, there is a new centre-right contender for the Elysee Palace who could pose a serious challenge to President Emmanuel Macron and his re-election ambitions. Xavier Bertrand, 56, a former minister who now leads the Hauts-de-France region in northern France, announced back in March that he would run for president in 2022. In the local votes on Sunday, his centre-right party Les Republicains experienced strong support across the country while Marine Le Pen's National Rally and La Republique en Marche, of the incumbent Macron, failed to win in any of the regions.

    • Dutch banker to join ECB Executive Board

      Dutch banker to join ECB Executive Board

      Frank Elderson from the Netherlands is to become a member of European Central Bank Executive Board after his candidacy was last Tuesday approved by European Parliament, the EP press service reported. The plenary voted by 319 votes in favour, 202 against and 171 abstentions, despite misgivings about gender imbalance within the board.

    • New old ombudsman

      New old ombudsman

      Incumbent ombusdman, Irish Emily O'Reilly, was on Wednesday expectedly re-elected on the post for the 2019-2024 parliamentary term. She was backed by 320 MEPs in a secret plenary vote. Former journalist, she has served as the first female Irish Ombudsman for ten years prior to being elected European Ombudsman in 2013.

    • Italy's anti-Salvini 'sardines' take protest to Rome

      Italy's anti-Salvini 'sardines' take protest to Rome

      Tens of thousands of people joined a demonstration in central Rome on Saturday organized by a grassroots movement known as “The Sardines”, launched only a month ago to protest against far-right leader Matteo Salvini. The sardines began in the city of Bologna in November when Mattia Santori, 32, and three friends invited people to protest against Salvini’s League, whose popularity is high ahead of an election in the northern Emilia-Romagna region.

    • Controversial magistrate's sweetest victory ever

      Controversial magistrate's sweetest victory ever

      The first woman to be Romania’s prosecutor general, Laura Codruta Kovesi, was only 33 when appointed in 2006. At that age she was also the youngest Prosecutor General in Romania's history. Seven years later, Kovesi marked another milestone when she was named the head of the Romanian Anticorruption Directorate (DNA) - an institution created to fight high-level corruption in the years when Romania was preparing to join the EU.

    • Extravagant Brexit doer

      Extravagant Brexit doer

      And finally the fate of Brexit is in the right hands. Or better to say in the right mouth and on the right mind. With the ascension of staunch Brexiteer Boris Johnson to the post of British PM, things seem to have come to their places - the one who has strongly advocated for the UK to leave the EU now is supposed to deliver it. With or without a deal. And no later than 31 October. The late-summer and early-autumn show will be interesting, as - with Johnson at the helm - the UK heads for a clash with the EU and a constitutional crisis at home.

    • Judge me not by my name

      Judge me not by my name

      He is coming from a well-known family with long tradition in Greek politics. His father was among the founders of the New Democracy conservative party and served as the country's PM in the 1990s. His sister served as Greece's foreign minister and mayor of Athens in the 2000s, and his nephew was recently elected mayor of the Greek capital. Yet, in the last years he was among the most underestimated politicians in Greece. Until last Sunday.

    • Slovakia's first female president  declares war on political bribery

      Slovakia's first female president declares war on political bribery

      Environmental lawyer and anti-corruption activist Zuzana Caputova will become Slovakia’s first female president after she won run-off election last Saturday. Caputova got 58% of the ballot while her rival, the EU energy commissioner and ruling party candidate Maros Sefcovic garnered 42%. Caputova, a political newcomer, campaigned with a slogan of ‘Stand up to evil’, rejecting at the same time hate speeches.

    • Weber secures EPP nomination

      Weber secures EPP nomination

      A moderate Bavarian politician who tries to copy German Chancellor Angela Merkel's pragmatic style won last Thursday the backing of EU's centre-right parties and will become the European People's Party (EPP) Spitzenkandidat for the next year's European election, news wires reported. He manage to beat former Finnish PM Alexander Stubb at the vote in Helsinki as was endorsed by the EPP for the EU's most influential job, European Commission president.