• Fortress of  Michael  the Warrior

      Fortress of Michael the Warrior

      Powerful fortification walls rise over the southern foothills of the Balkan Mountain Range near ​​the village of Anevo, close to the town of Sopot. Known as Anevsko Kale, this fortress perches on a stone hill with a height of 958 metres. It is among the best preserved strongholds from the period of the Second Bulgarian Kingdom. The place itself has remained almost intact due to the extremely difficult approach to it.

    • Village of faith

      Village of faith

      Nestled in a hilly area at the foot of Mount Pogled, near the Struma River, the village of Vukovo in the Kyustendil region used to be a thriving, well developed spiritual centre. The name is thought to have been derived from “vakavo” - a church place. Evidence of that are the numerous Christian temples in the area, some of which are rather well conserved.

    • Borissov to Paris Peace Forum: Covid-19 is an awful weapon

      Borissov to Paris Peace Forum: Covid-19 is an awful weapon

      “Covid-19 is an awful weapon that has been unleashed upon the world. I call it a weapon because it has taken a lot of lives and caused economic and financial damage,” PM Boyko Borissov posted on Facebook, clarifying that these words were part of his address to the Paris Peace Forum, which has been moved to mostly online this year.

    • Bulgaria's Manchester

      Bulgaria's Manchester

      The town of Gabrovo is situated at the northern foothills of central Stara Planina Mountain, in the valley of the Yantra River. The city is notable for its beautiful nature, National Revival spirit and unique architecture as well as modern museums and galleries. But one of the biggest attractions the town prides itself for is the Balkan region's one-of-a-kind Interactive Museum of Industry, which was opened in 2014.

    • Bulgarian PM urges better mobilisation in coping with Covid-19 surge

      Bulgarian PM urges better mobilisation in coping with Covid-19 surge

      During an online working meeting of the government on Monday, Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borissov called for better mobilisation in coping with the pandemic. He said, as quoted by the government information service, that each minister should be on the frontline in their area of work “unfailingly, so that the government, together with the Bulgarian people, act together like a fist against the pandemic”.

    • Rebel's cloister

      Rebel's cloister

      In the heart of the plain situated east of the town of Asenovgrad, in southern Bulgaria, is the location of the Monastery St Nedelya, better known as the Arapovski Monastery. It was established in 1856 near the healing holy spring outside the village of Zlatovrah, which was once named Arapovo. This is the only entirely new Bulgarian cloister built during the Ottoman rule, as it was not a restoration of a previous one.