• Season of outwitting

      Season of outwitting

      The greatest number of lies is told during election campaigns and hunting seasons. If a downpour of slander, manipulations and unsubstantiated allegations breaks out, you know elections are around the corner. In this particular case, some wish snap elections were imminent.

    • Parrot president

      Parrot president

      What a pitiful sight – President Rumen Radev, a general of the Bulgarian Army, has turned into a parrot incessantly repeating the mantras created by revenge-seeking indicted oligarchs.

    • The town of Dionysus

      The town of Dionysus

      Balchik is a small town on the north Bulgarian Black Sea coastline, standing on picturesque white hills sloping down to the sea. The first settlers in the region were the ancient Thracians, and evidence of their presence in these lands (vessels, adornments and weapons) has been found in the town and its surroundings.

    • Unmasked: Bulgarian El Chapo who hides in Dubai

      Unmasked: Bulgarian El Chapo who hides in Dubai

      For the third week in a row Bulgaria is being rocked by protests. But who are the people marching in the streets and what interests do they represent? Besides the parents with children, dogs and dreams, from day one any casual observer could see familiar faces of individuals that can hardly be described as “discontent citizens” or fighters against the status quo for the simple reason that they are the ones who envisioned or created it. In order for everyone to realise who is speaking through the platform of the protests on the square, outside the National Assembly or in TV studios, we kindly present to you the guru of the protests, the spider weaving his web from his hiding place in Dubai – unmasked. You can make your own judgment.

    • Behind-the-scenes clique encroaches even sanctities to smear Delyan Peevski

      Behind-the-scenes clique encroaches even sanctities to smear Delyan Peevski

      We have not expected any morality from the hangers-on of the oligarchs, capable of stealing our health in order to fill their bank accounts abroad, but the personal press centre of the fugitive banker Tsvetan Vassilev - Frognews achieved the impossible. It turned the bottom into sky and kept digging down. In the swamp of its own unscrupulousness. To smash the enemies of its ringleader and of the indicted oligarchs.