• Attractive and ordinary

      Attractive and ordinary

      According to Roman author Pliny the Elder, who lived in the 1st century AD, the earliest painting known to mankind was done by a woman. Her name was Dibutades and she traced the lines of her sailor lover's shadow as thrown on the wall of her home. The female presence, this elusive and boundless energy occupying a distinct space in art, is now showcased in a way that is different from the Dibutades story, thanks to The Woman in the Oeuvre of European Graphic Artists of the 19th and 20th Centuries - an exhibition at the National Art Gallery “Square 500” in Sofia.

    • Marina Abramovic returns home to inspire

      Marina Abramovic returns home to inspire

      Marina Abramovic is one of the most famous, extravagant and unscrupulous performance artists in the world. Known as the grandmother of performance art, in her memorable and breathtaking exhibitions, she has always explored the relationship between a performer and an audience, limits of human body and possibilities of a mind. And now, her return to Belgrade is - as she describes it herself - a big deal professionally, as well personally.

    • Connected with the Earth

      Connected with the Earth

      “Earthbound: Tales of Man and Nature” is an exposition in which the works of the Bulgarian and German artists are brought together to explore the esthetic, political, ecological and psychological aspects of Nature and natural environment. The exhibition is to be opened on 28 August at the Goethe Institute-Bulgaria in Sofia.

    • The hidden secrets of Da Vinci’s “Virgin of the Rocks”

      The hidden secrets of Da Vinci’s “Virgin of the Rocks”

      Thanks to books and movies like The Da Vinci Code, the name Leonardo da Vinci isn't just associated with being a polymath and a historically important genius, but also a mystery. The National Gallery in England has been working on such a mystery since 2005, and now it's come closer to understanding the secrets of Da Vinci's hidden painting.

    • Empty clothes tell stories

      Empty clothes tell stories

      The Ship of the Fools installation by renowned visual artist Gonul Nuhoglu has been officially presented to the Bulgarian public. It will be exhibited at the +359 Gallery until 11 August, BGNES reports.

    • Jivko Sedlarski: I seek and showcase beauty

      Jivko Sedlarski: I seek and showcase beauty

      If I see a woman with a graceful walk, pretty dress and high heels, I am quick to put down that image to paper. I try to capture her femininity and sensuality with my lines, the air that envelops her, says sculptor Jivko Sedlarski in an interview to Europost.

    • Tales of clay

      Tales of clay

      Tales of Clay is the title of an exhibition dedicated to renowned Bulgarian ceramist Stoyan Raynov (1894-1978), which opened to the public on 2 July at the Vaska Emanuilova Gallery in Sofia. Raynov is among the founding fathers of contemporary Bulgarian ceramics, drawing from the country's artistic traditions. The show explores some of the most important aspects of his work, highlighting his workshop and most accomplished students.