• Change the scenery!

      Change the scenery!

      The Little Bird Place gallery in Sofia is showing an exhibition with the latest painting experiments of Kaliya Kalacheva. Known for her work on themes of urban environment and its rigid constructions, the artist has become increasingly tempted over the past few years by a transition to nature and the multi-layered character of landscapes. Kaliya suggests a different concept for landscape. It raises the need for “a change of scenery” - the idea of landscape as one of the oldest genres in fine arts, but one that also requires constant updating in order to reflect the present.

    • Art and politics

      Art and politics

      Art as a form of expression, its potential to generate ideas and its connection to politics, both in a modern and historical context, are the themes explored by the exhibition Art and Politics - Confrontations and Coexistence, which opened its doors to visitors on 27 October at the Structura Gallery in Sofia.

    • Between real and magical

      Between real and magical

      The exhibition Real and Magical - The illustration in the art of Dechko Uzunov, was opened in Sofia in the Dechko Uzunov Art Gallery, which is a branch of the Sofia City Art Gallery. The exhibition can be visited until February 2021.

    • Images from Ground Zero

      Images from Ground Zero

      After September 11: Images from Ground Zero documents the devastation and reconstruction of the World Trade Center in the aftermath of 11 September 2001. This extraordinary archive of pictures is the only existing photographic record of the attacks. Fenced off and classified as a crime scene, the area was closed to all photographers, and only scant information was available about the activities in the guarded enclosure that became known as the “forbidden city”. What happened at Ground Zero in the months after 9/11 remained a closely guarded secret, yet one photographer documented everything.

    • Recipe for unusual exhibition

      Recipe for unusual exhibition

      You want to do an unusual exhibition? Goethe Institute in Sofia has an easy recipe for you: take a Bulgarian artist living in Berlin and a German artist living in Sofia, let them create installations and video art together and voila. With the Win/Lose exhibition, Goethe Institut continues its 1+1: Art Scene Germany series, in which Bulgarian artists residing in Germany curate a show that introduces the Bulgarian audience to lesser known authors from the local market.

    • Boryana Petkova: Drawing makes the impossible possible

      Boryana Petkova: Drawing makes the impossible possible

      There are states of the body and spirit which are timeless, like pain, fear, love, sorrow, hope. Though often classified as banal, they are part of us and will continue to be part of us in the future. No matter how much we robotise and anesthetise ourselves, no matter how people will look tomorrow, these states remain unchanged. And they will always be contemporary, says artist Boryana Petkova in an interview.

    • Craving nothing

      Craving nothing

      Boryana Petkova and Michail Michailov are two artists whose paths often cross not only because of their similar fates as expat artists (they live in Paris and Vienna, respectively), but because of a shared interest in the way an artwork functions and develops as well. The body of work of both artists is characterised by an in-depth yet minimalistic approach.