• Bára Prášilová's surreal women

      Bára Prášilová's surreal women

      Bára Prášilová is an extremely precise artist. She devotes much of her time and energy to preparing for her photographs. She often makes the props and costumes herself, as this is the only way to materialise her ideas. The worst thing that can happen to her is to be confronted with the limits of reality and then she is ready to walk through walls. Her artworks are well known around the world due to her perseverance and accuracy.

    • Trust territories

      Trust territories

      The exhibition Trust Territories by Albena Baeva includes paintings, frescoes and augmented reality. The author is one of the leading Bulgarian contemporary artists working at the intersection of art, technology and science. Being part of the Artificial Intelligence Programme of Goethe-Institut Bulgaria, the exhibition explores the themes of trauma, trust and alternative futures through the focus on machines.

    • Screen print with me

      Screen print with me

      In the last few months, 13 Bulgarian artists were introduced to the serigraphy printing technique or deepened their knowledge of it, participating in creative workshops at Sito Studio. Using new methods and techniques, the artists recreated their inner world and their connection with nature, their hopes and ideas about the future and the biological world around us. Each of the works is hand-printed and signed by the artists, collected in a limited edition of 35 pieces, in three colours, sized 100x70cm.

    • More real than reality

      More real than reality

      This past year exposed many problems that have been piling up for decades. It made them more clearly visible and more painful. At the same time, it seemed that the conversation about them became easy and open. There's a general feeling about the inevitable urgency of that talk prompting the participants to take a bolder and more direct approach.

    • Joan Miro between words and images

      Joan Miro between words and images

      As a passionate reader and a good friend of poets, Joan Miro explored the paths of both painting and poetry simultaneously in his work, though eschewing any form of academicism, in a personal quest that did not ascribe to any particular movement. Throughout his life, poetry was a source of inspiration for him.

    • Sofia Art Projects starts with international exhibition

      Sofia Art Projects starts with international exhibition

      Are there really boundaries between art and life that we would like to keep? This is the question asked by the curators of the Intimacy and Spectacle in the Age of Social Media project - Dessislava Dimova, Vera Mlechevska and Vessela Nozharova. In the first edition of the Sofia Art Projects initiative, they explore borderline situations, frameworks and platforms where parallel and blurry representations of art and the public sphere are possible.

    • A woman will head Louvre museum for first time in its history

      A woman will head Louvre museum for first time in its history

      The French presidency announced on Wednesday the appointment of Laurence des Cars, the current director of the Musée d’Orsay in Paris, as new head of Louvre museum, news wires reported. The directors of France’s top public museums, which also include the Chateau de Versailles and the Pompidou Modern Art Museum, are directly appointed by French presidents.

    • On the flipside

      On the flipside

      Little Bird Place Gallery presents in Sofia an exhibition of selected works from the contemporary art collection of Nikolay Nedelchev. From 18 May to 6 June, visitors to the gallery can see artworks by Kolio Karamfilov, Deyan Yanev, Dimitar Genchev, Stanimir Genov, Rositsa Getsova, Ivo Bistrichki, Sirma Sarafova - Orahovac, Vikenti Komitski, Stela Vasileva, Krassimir Krastev - RASSIM, Lyuben Petrov, Yuliy Takov, Kalina Mavrodieva, Gabriela Toncheva.

    • Sofia trolley car turned gallery showcases folklore motifs

      Sofia trolley car turned gallery showcases folklore motifs

      How much do various folklore traditions around the world have in common? Artist Petya Ilieva presents traditional Italian and Bulgarian folklore motifs in a mobile exhibition organised in association with the Embassy of Italy in Sofia and the diplomatic missions of 20 other countries. The show will be touring the Bulgarian capital for the rest of the year.

    • How to create an exhibition from… a newspaper

      How to create an exhibition from… a newspaper

      On 27 April at 6.30pm the long-term project Art and Politics will conclude with Goethe-Institut Bulgaria presenting in its Sofia gallery the first and the only publication of the newspaper Pleasure & Pressure, created by 14 young Bulgarian artists during a workshop by the same name, directed by Luchezar Boyadjiev.