• New Age philosophy meets lifestyle culture

      New Age philosophy meets lifestyle culture

      Goethe-Institut in Sofia has been traditionally supporting young and independent artists. Thus, the annual exhibition Art Start was the occasion in 2019 for the German artist Kalas Liebfried, born 1989 in Bulgaria with the name Kaloyan Lyubomirov, to return to Sofia for his first professional participation. In 2020, he became nominated for the BAZA award, and now the logical follow-up is his first solo show in Bulgaria, titled New Age Balkan, which will open on 28 September at Goethe-Institut.

    • Macron unveils wrapped Arc de Triomphe in Paris

      Macron unveils wrapped Arc de Triomphe in Paris

      After three months of construction work Paris' famed Arc de Triomphe was on Thursday completely concealed. A day later Christo’s last artwork was officially unveiled by French President Emmanuel Macron. Following the project's completion, the arch will remain transformed for just 16 days.

    • River of tolerance

      River of tolerance

      UNESCO is the patron of the youth art festival River of Tolerance, held under the motto Shared Art in the Balkans - Traditions and Contemporaneity, announced the organisers from 13 Centuries of Bulgaria National Endowment Fund (NEF).

    • Artists create 3D utopian worlds

      Artists create 3D utopian worlds

      The 3D STREET ART festival is being held at the quay in Rousse, Bulgaria. The topic of the forum's fifth edition is Utopian Worlds, with five artists presenting their visions of beautiful worlds of the present and the future, announced the organisers.

    • Christo and Jeanne-Claude. Life=Works=Projects

      Christo and Jeanne-Claude. Life=Works=Projects

      Christo and Jeanne-Claude succeeded in realising 24 projects during their creative journey, which span over 50 years. These projects change the world in an instant. As if time stops and together with the artists we can transfer into a familiar but at the same time different and more beautiful reality.

    • Bodies of Land

      Bodies of Land

      Zachari Logan is a Canadian visual artist (born 1980), in whose work the relationship between man and nature holds a special place. Painting and drawing are the media he often works in and sometimes these media transition or overlap. Also, in recent years the artist has created site-specific drawings on the walls of galleries and museums, and increasingly has delved into ceramic installations.

    • Berlin's New National Gallery opens after revamp

      Berlin's New National Gallery opens after revamp

      After years of renovation, Berlin's iconic New National Gallery opened its doors to visitors again for the first time on Sunday. The building, a world-famous modernist creation by German architect by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe (1886-1969), was re-opened on Saturday in an official ceremony.

    • Bohemiae Rosa

      Bohemiae Rosa

      The exhibition Bohemiae Rosa bears the same name as the Baroque map of the Czech lands, in which the silhouette of rose is clearly drawn. The exposition also outlines a thematic map, the content of which is subordinated to the imagination and ecstatic Baroque emotion of the thirty-tree contemporary artists working in the Czech Republic.