• EC assessment is unsurprising

      EC assessment is unsurprising

      The European Commission’s assessment of Bulgaria’s progress is positive and it comes as no surprise. First and foremost, the country has implemented all EC recommendations and secondly – we believe that the monitoring mechanism itself is discriminatory.

    • Silence journalists and you seize control

      Silence journalists and you seize control

      It was not that long ago so I am sure that the older of my fellow journalists have not forgotten the obscurantist days our guild had to live through in Bulgaria. No, I am not referring to the years leading up to the events of 10 November 1989, but about the following decade.

    • All (oligarchs) against Peevski

      All (oligarchs) against Peevski

      These days, the minions of various indicted oligarchs are working overtime, churning out one text after the other – about non-existent gold (caricature) masks, rhinoceroses, letters to the Church, and a tonne more nonsense. All these masterpieces of thought are aimed at the same person – lawmaker of the civil quota of the opposition party Movement for Rights and Freedoms (MRF) and Telegraph Media publisher Delyan Peevski.

    • As Christians, our mission is to be a sign of unity

      As Christians, our mission is to be a sign of unity

      Pope Francis' reflections at last Wednesday's General Audience were really a synthesis of his recent Apostolic journey to Bulgaria and North Macedonia. The Pope began by saying how, in Bulgaria, he was “guided by the living memory of Saint John XXIII”, who spent nearly ten years in the country as Apostolic Delegate.

    • Lies without borders

      Lies without borders

      With an impressive and not particularly smart brand of stubbornness, the anonymous organisation Reporters Without Borders (RSF) published its 2019 World Press Freedom ranking, which evaluates freedom of speech in 180 countries around the world. As was the case last year, Bulgaria is ranked 111th (with 35.38 points). To put things in perspective, the top spot is taken by Norway, which has the freest media with a score of 7.82, while the last-placed country is Turkmenistan with 85.44 points.

    • Europe between a rock and a hard place

      Europe between a rock and a hard place

      Almost a year ago the Trump administration began a yearlong drive to persuade Europe to ban the backbone equipment for 5G wireless networks manufactured by Chinese telecoms giant Huawei. Last month, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo even visited capitals in Europe, particularly in Eastern and Central Europe, in another desperate attempt to urge EU leaders to avoid using basic equipment from Huawei in their rollout of 5G mobile networks. The US continued its pressure by threatening to stop intelligence sharing if Europe neglected its recommendations.

    • China's doing business splits EU ranks

      China's doing business splits EU ranks

      President of China Xi Jinping has spent a total of five days on European soil, visiting Rome, Monaco, Cote d'Azur and Paris. He signed Silk Road Memorandum with Italy and met the most influential EU leaders, wishing Europe to be strong and united at every meeting. Nevertheless, his visit brought to light something else - it exposed the vulnerabilities and frictions within the Union.

    • Kazachok with Novichok

      Kazachok with Novichok

      Do you know what Delyan Peevski has for breakfast every morning? I will let you peek in the kitchen, so to speak – it is little kids. You do not believe that? Well, just wait and it will probably not be long before tidbit of that sort pops up in some negligible website or on someone’s even less significant Facebook page. If you have the patience for it, you will see the news multiplied across newspapers, including foreign; TV networks; radio stations and all types of media outlets for indiscriminate dissemination of information.

    • Cybersecurity's weakest link: people

      Cybersecurity's weakest link: people

      Six months, 945 data breaches, 4.5 billion records exposed - that is how the beginning of 2018 looked like. Compared to the same period in 2017, these numbers represent a staggering increase of 133%, data from Gemalto's Breach Level Index shows. Things didn't go well in the second half of the year or in the beginning of 2019 either, with breaches and cyberattacks continuing to escalate, reaching an all-time high in database leaks.