Margarete Hofmann, Director of Policy at the European Anti-Fraud Office:
While the EPPO and the Member States will share competence, our Office will retain its full mandate for both fraudulent and non-fraudulent irregularities
Maria Koleva, Brussels
At the moment, judicial cooperation in Europe is still very much fragmented along national borders. This slows down and sometimes even hinders investigations, particularly into transnational cases of fraud. As a single office across the Union, the European Public Pro­secutor's Office (EPPO) would address shortcomings in the current enforcement system as regards cooperation of prosecution services and other authorities and the ability to investigate across borders.
Since the crisis we have had serious concerns about deflationary risks, but now we can say that they have more or less disappeared
Andres Stumpf Guirao
Yes, about a year ago we had the emerging markets shock. Then a high downside risk to the world economy emerged and the G20 member countries signalled in a statement that they would use all the tools at their disposal to support the economy.
My opinion is that we should leave the door open as in Britain many people are hoping that the Brexit decision can be reversed
Maria Koleva, Brussels
There are four main points here before featuring how Brexit will look like. First of all, many things are now happening and it is very difficult for both sides to actually control how it will be played out. Secondly, as we in the Martens Centre warned from the very beginning, we should resist the kind of intuitive instincts to inflate the situation.