Tsvetin Shilimanov, Macedonian political analyst:
The implementation of even a part of the so-called Albanian Platform would further radicalise the already deeply divided public
Monitor news agency
Solving the crisis is dependent on the actions that the Social Democratic Union of Macedonia (SDSM) and its Albanian coalition partners take. If they insist on forming a cabinet in contravention of the nation’s rules and the constitution, protests will continue with renewed force. Another factor could be ethnical provocations on the part of Albanian parties, which are in a fragile alliance with the SDSM, and we already see those setting one condition after the other.
Debates on the White Paper have been productive so far, many young people are involved, it is important to hear the citizens
Nadia Ilieva
In terms of procedure, priorities set out by the Bulgarian presidency are part of the priorities in the trio’s programme, which we share with Estonia and Austria. How much the Bulgarian government will influence the hierarchy of the agenda depends on how politically active it is.
Populism is successfully being countered by different kinds of liberal forces
Maria Koleva, Brussels
The victory of Emmanuel Macron means a victory for an open, liberal and international oriented France. As someone who stands close to the liberal ALDE family, Macron could further strengthen the importance of the seven liberal Prime Ministers and five liberal European Commissioners.