Karel Lannoo, CEO of the Centre for European Policy Studies:
It is not the way we have to work, if some Member States have to absorb all the refugees, while others resist participating in the scheme
Maria Koleva, Brussels
There are so many cases in Poland, as well as in Hungary, where the European Union has to take action because if the EU doesn’t act, and of course it is good that the court is on the side of the EU, we are undermining our system. It is difficult to do it through infringement procedures but, if some Member States refuse to do this, it undermines the entire EU. This is not the way we have to work, if some EU countries have to absorb all the refugees.
It would hit both sides and maybe the UK would be hit worse, but also nobody in Germany would see this as an excuse for German job losses
Maria Koleva, Brussels
I don’t think they are, because we’ve seen some progress already earlier this summer with regards to the citizens issue and I think also over the summer we have seen some progress, and that is because the UK government has clarified its position on a number of issues.
Rumyana Kotchanova
This is largely a political issue. The overhaul of the EU’s posted workers directive was among President Macron’s campaign pledges and, as we see, he is acting on it. Tightening the rules is set to protect the interests of French workers and French employers, who pay higher wages and social security contributions.