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  • Selling out Bulgaria … to hit Peevski

    Selling out Bulgaria … to hit Peevski

    What does one do when, in own words, one has lost a mother, father, brother and best friend owing to “legalised narcotics, such as alcohol, tobacco and pharmaceutical drugs?” Of course, one will grieve, smoke oneself stupid and start shooting films against drug prohibition. And when you have a chance to combine it with a generously sponsored overseas trip (officially with $500,000, as the unofficial sum is yet unknown) you will pack hallucinogens in your luggage and take a plane to Bulgaria where you will get doped “for art’s sake” in front of hotels and in public baths.

  • Guilty a priori

    Guilty a priori

    Do you remember an old nursery rhyme about a balloon blown with compressed air? Well, we all know how it ends. And these days we saw it vividly, when one prosecutor in one dark room by the wave of his pen erased the trademark of the most popular newspaper in Bulgaria – Telegraph.

  • Slanderers on the attack against Peevski again

    Slanderers on the attack against Peevski again

    Fear is what is betrayed by the impotent efforts of the oligarch Ivo Prokopiev to attack lawmaker and Telegraph media publisher Delyan Peevski with whatever he can. Having run out of talking points, Prokopiev is now grasping at the last possible straws in his panic – the former State Security agents, who promptly started popping up in his publications as analysts thanks to copy-pasted Facebook posts.

  • Prosecutor’s Office’s obscurantist attack against Telegraph

    Prosecutor’s Office’s obscurantist attack against Telegraph

    A month ago the editor-in-chief of the newspaper Telegraph Vasil Zahariev alerted the competent authorities of the Ministry of Interior to the existence of a fake website with a web address www.telegraf.bg, which publishes articles in Bulgarian that have nothing to do with the editorial policy of Telegraph. The web address differs from that of the publication only because of a mistake (it uses the letter “f” instead of “ph” at the end). To avoid a situation where our readers mistake the fake website for Telegraph’s official one, the competent authorities were asked to conduct an inspection. This is a perfectly standard procedure in such cases.      

  • bTV censors Peevski

    bTV censors Peevski

    “All viewpoints”, the slogan used by one of the biggest TV networks in Bulgaria for its news programme branding, has obviously undergone a slight change. The bTV news programmes clearly cover “all viewpoints of the behind-the-scenes clique” and in an extremely manipulative fashion at that, which results in disinformation.

  • All (oligarchs) against Peevski

    All (oligarchs) against Peevski

    These days, the minions of various indicted oligarchs are working overtime, churning out one text after the other – about non-existent gold (caricature) masks, rhinoceroses, letters to the Church, and a tonne more nonsense. All these masterpieces of thought are aimed at the same person – lawmaker of the civil quota of the opposition party Movement for Rights and Freedoms (MRF) and Telegraph Media publisher Delyan Peevski.

  • Oligarchy makes fuss about nothing

    Oligarchy makes fuss about nothing

    Certain famed “fighters” for democracy and justice (and nice paychecks) have been in a strange position for years. Other people busily hand them reports and false information that they, just like regular apprentices, run from one institution to the next to submit – content that someone else authored – in exchange of payment. Since its very inception, the NGO Boets (Bulgarian for “fighter”) has been clearly showing one thing – it will serve those who pay the most. The organisation is not even ashamed to disseminate photos of its chairperson alongside the fugitive banker Tsvetan Vassilev, who is being tried for the engineered failure of CorpBank.

  • Oppressive shadow diplomacy

    Oppressive shadow diplomacy

    The official start of the Euro vote campaign was announced in Bulgaria less than a week ago. The developments of the following five days can hardly be described logically, because they are barren of worldly logics but result from most vulgar hysteria. 

  • Who is afraid of Peevski in Brussels?

    Who is afraid of Peevski in Brussels?

    One thing is sure – very influential backstage circles in Bulgaria have been extremely worried in recent days. The reason is the MP of the opposition Movement for Rights and Freedoms and publisher of Telegraph Media Delyan Peevski who is on the second position in the Movement’s ticket for the Euro vote due on 26 May. The news provoked a reaction in the behind-the-scenes circles.

  • Who took what for Gripen campaign?

    Who took what for Gripen campaign?

    The lobby of the Swedish company Saab switched to a higher gear in Bulgaria around Christmas. This came after the interdepartmental commission tasked with selecting the best bid for a fighter plane contract with the Bulgarian Air Force picked the US F-16 Block 70. Now the Council of Ministers is expected to advise the National Assembly that it purchase eight of these fighter aircraft.