Sve­to­slav Ste­fan­ov (76)

  • Extravagant Brexit doer

    Extravagant Brexit doer

    And finally the fate of Brexit is in the right hands. Or better to say in the right mouth and on the right mind. With the ascension of staunch Brexiteer Boris Johnson to the post of British PM, things seem to have come to their places - the one who has strongly advocated for the UK to leave the EU now is supposed to deliver it. With or without a deal. And no later than 31 October. The late-summer and early-autumn show will be interesting, as - with Johnson at the helm - the UK heads for a clash with the EU and a constitutional crisis at home.

  • Judge me not by my name

    Judge me not by my name

    He is coming from a well-known family with long tradition in Greek politics. His father was among the founders of the New Democracy conservative party and served as the country's PM in the 1990s. His sister served as Greece's foreign minister and mayor of Athens in the 2000s, and his nephew was recently elected mayor of the Greek capital. Yet, in the last years he was among the most underestimated politicians in Greece. Until last Sunday.

  • Derisive attempts to kick against Peevski

    Derisive attempts to kick against Peevski

    The foot soldiers on payroll of natural gas tycoon Sasho Donchev have been in bad pain of late. To be more accurate, for about a month now, since it became clear that the MP from the civil quota of the opposition Movement for Rights and Freedoms and publisher of Telegraph Media Delyan Peevski is on the second position of the Movement’s EP voting list.

  • H. E. Soren Jacobsen: Europe has future only as a Union

    H. E. Soren Jacobsen: Europe has future only as a Union

    The EU is facing many challenges, and besides the visible ones such as Brexit and migration, maybe the political cohesion within the Union is the most difficult one. Since its establishment, the EU has been a huge success in terms of avoiding conflicts on the continent, in terms of developing an internal market, free trade agreements and job creation, Ambassador of Denmark to Bulgaria says in an interview with Europost.

  • Ion Galea: Romania will continue working for Western Balkans integration

    Ion Galea: Romania will continue working for Western Balkans integration

    The Romanian Presidency of the EU Council will focus on four pillars of action: Europe of convergence, a safer Europe, Europe as a stronger global actor and Europe of common values. Given the current challenges in the international context, the Romanian Presidency will pay special attention to the European elections as well, and the country will promote the European common answer for migration management, ambassador of Romania to Bulgaria says in an interview to Europost.

  • EU once again at crossroads

    EU once again at crossroads

    The European Union is entering 2019 pressured by a number of problems and issues, some of which could turn into crises. By end-March the United Kingdom will have to leave the Union. With less than three months left, there is still no certainty whether it will happen with or without deal. While hopes are high that British MPs will eventually support May's Brexit plan, both the EU and the UK will be weakened once Britain left the Union.

  • Slovakia's top post ambition

    Slovakia's top post ambition

    With less than eight months remaining before the 2019 European elections, battle for the next head of the Commission starts to intensify with new candidates presenting themselves as ready to step into Jean-Claude Juncker's boots. After centre-right Manfred Weber it was centre-left Maros Sefcovic who last week declared his candidacy with more expected to appear in the coming weeks.

  • Chemnitz as symptom

    Chemnitz as symptom

    Groups of young people march in the streets and chant “We are the people!” Other groups of young people go out into the neighbouring streets chanting “No to xenophobia.” In recent weeks, this has become a weekly event in the East German town of Chemnitz, whereas lately it has happened in neighbouring Koethen as well. In both cases the reason for turmoil was the death of a German after a conflict with migrants from the Middle East.

  • EU under numerous challenges pressure

    EU under numerous challenges pressure

    Politics never sleep, even during the summer time. But nevertheless every autumn a new political season starts. And the one that is just to begin promises to be a very hot one as the EU faces too many challenges and problems waiting for to be at least partially resolved.

  • Battle for Berlaymont is open

    Battle for Berlaymont is open

    The race is open. And the first horse is already on the field. Almost nine months ahead of the 2019 European Parliament elections, the battle who will succeed Jean-Claude Juncker as European Commission President began.