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  • Fighting back against disinformation online

    Fighting back against disinformation online

    At its College meeting on 5 December the Commission and the High Representative tabled an Action Plan with specific proposals for a coordinated response to the challenge of disinformation, in view of next year's European elections and more than 50 national and local elections that will be held in Member States by 2020. The plan was presented at a news conference in the Commission's press room by VP Andrus Ansip and the EU commissioners Mariya Gabriel, Vera Jourova and Julian King.

  • Prioritising blue economy

    Prioritising blue economy

    At the 8th edition of Friends of Europe's Europe-China Forum, held on 28 November in Brussels, were highlighted the mutual ties in the context of the opportunities and common challenges ahead. The forum, moderated by Shada Islam, Director of Europe and Geopolitics at Friends of Europe, brought together policymakers, business representatives and leading academics from across Europe and China.

  • All areas of life gain from EU research

    All areas of life gain from EU research

    When it comes to EU added value, there is hardly more pertinent area than research and innovation. For sure, this was the impression of the more than 1,000 participants - researchers, scientists, lawmakers, entrepreneurs and citizens - who got together at the European Parliament's Hemicycle in Brussels on 27 November for the conference “EU research and innovation in our daily life”. In the forum initiated by the EP President Antonio Tajani and the EU Commissioner for Research, Science and Innovation Carlos Moedas, the storytellers were the EU researchers.

  • SMEs remain key driver of Europe's economy

    SMEs remain key driver of Europe's economy

    Staying connected, sharing knowledge, ideas and best practices, and innovating was the focus of this year's, twelfth in a row, SME Assembly that took place in Graz from 19 to 21 November. It is the most important forum for small and medium-sized enterprises in Europe, organised by the Commission in coordination with the Austrian Presidency of the Council. At Helmut List Halle got together more than 600 entrepreneurs, policy makers, experts, and people from academia, from the financial sector, but also researchers, local authorities, young talents - for a vibrant discussion on the challenges and the solutions for the way forward for SMEs in Europe.

  • MEPs urge for proper EU long-term budget

    MEPs urge for proper EU long-term budget

    During their session on 14 November, MEPs said how they want the common long-term budget to look like. With a vast majority, they backed the interim report on the Multiannual Financial Framework - the common EU money for the 2021-2027 period. Hastening for a timely start of the negotiations for the post-2020 budget, lawmakers now wait for the Council to disclose its position. 

  • I love to try new techniques and to vary themes

    I love to try new techniques and to vary themes

    Artist Molly Tchokanova celebrates her “round-number” anniversary with vibrant exhibitions in Belgium, where she lives and works for over 40 years. Her paintings are exhibited till 14 November at the British and Commonwealth Women's Club of Brussels. At the vernissage of her exhibition gathered friends and admirers who value her talent to express herself amazingly with a brush and paint. The influence of her father, the eminent Bulgarian artist Denyu Tchokanov (1901-1982), on her oeuvre, is impressive.

  • Apostolos Malatras:  A smarter device doesn't necessarily mean a more secure one

    Apostolos Malatras: A smarter device doesn't necessarily mean a more secure one

    Security of each object in the Internet of Things should not be considered as an afterthought, it should be implemented in the design phase. It is always better to take care of something when you start, in the beginning, than to solve problems after the implementation, said Dr Apostolos Malatras, expert in Network and Information Security with the Secure Infrastructure and Services Unit at ENISA, in an interview to Europost.

  • SIS adapted to new challenges

    SIS adapted to new challenges

    New alerts on unknown persons who are wanted in connection with serious crimes and terrorism proposed MEPs in the upgraded Schengen Information System that they backed on 24 October during the plenary session in Strasbourg. Indeed, they adopted three draft regulations that will bring up to date the Schengen Information System (SIS), vastly used for security and border management in Europe. Just in the last year, the system was used in 30 countries across Europe and was consulted 5.2 billion times.