With lies against Delyan Peevski: Agent Sasho of State Security stirs protests

Delyan Peevski

Being an agent of State Security and yet having the gal to pose as a fighter against your patron Russia is like kicking your grandmother down the stairs and telling the world that she was only running. You are neither a fighter nor anything but that country’s propaganda servant. The State Security, however, had no scruples, and its agents lack those to this day, continuing to follow the messages of their mentors, only dressed up in a pro-NATO camouflage – you know, just to deceive the enemy.

It is one of these fraudulent turncoats, who remain red to their core despite their modern blue disguise – an agent of the First Main Directorate of State Security, who used the alias Sasho as a member of the security services – who recently provided the latest hodgepodge on the internet. Presumably to introduce some variety, this time the former Bulgarian ambassador to Moscow Iliyan Vassilev decided to spread disinformation not on his Facebook page, from where it is normally copy-pasted with all its warts by the oligarchs’ media outlets in the country, but on his website Bulgaria Analytica, in which he partners with some of the aforementioned outlets, including the website Frognews funded by the fugitive banker Tsvetan Vassilev.

Pompously entitled “Public clash and government reshuffle following a crisis coming”, the hodgepodge piece is a mixture of old theses, and contradictory at that, with a splash of geopolitical accents like TurkStream and the adoption of the euro in Bulgaria for the benefit of any foreign readers who might visit the English version of the website. It also serves a very old goal of the oligarchy – to convince society of a non-existent connection between lawmaker and Telegraph Media publisher Delyan Peevski and prosecutor-general candidate Ivan Geshev. There is no such connection, just as there is no truth to another piece of fake news being spread by the behind-the-scenes clique in Bulgaria and its pawns like Iliyan Vassilev – that the lawmaker somehow had control over the Prosecutor’s Office. The lie in this allegation was completely exposed when a magistrate from that same institution ordered that the trademark of the best-selling newspaper in Bulgaria, Telegraph (a member of Telegraph Media), be erased by the Patent Office. However, this does not stop the oligarchy’s slandering machine from further disseminating both fake theses without a shred of evidence and in the hope that repetition alone will convince society that they are true. Their hope is that the public will bite on the latest attempt of the oligarchs to undermine the rule of law in the country by stirring protests against the prosecutor-general nominee with lies in a bid to stave off retribution for their crimes.

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