Who is afraid of Peevski in Brussels?

Behind-the-scenes circles are spewing disinformation about Peevski every day

Delyan Peevski

One thing is sure – very influential backstage circles in Bulgaria have been extremely worried in recent days. The reason is the MP of the opposition Movement for Rights and Freedoms and publisher of Telegraph Media Delyan Peevski who is on the second position in the Movement’s ticket for the Euro vote due on 26 May. The news provoked a reaction in the behind-the-scenes circles.

Their disinformation machine was set in motion at once and an avalanche of fakes followed. First of all, they wrote that the EU liberals do not want Peevski in Brussels – a worn-out fake officially refuted already five years ago by EU liberals themselves.

Later they decided to play witty and the regular pen pushers of the oligarchy started writing feckless satirical commentaries about what will happen if Peevski becomes a MEP.

The joke was a flash in the pan because there is hardly anyone in this country who doesn’t know what is the real reason why the lawmaker is the thorn in the backstage powerbrokers’ side – within several years alone he has moved a series of draft bills aimed at bringing to light the media environment in Bulgaria and forestalling the attempts at further plundering of assets bought with the money of the CorpBank depositors.





So, if we have to rephrase the mercenaries of the oligarchy – can you imagine what Peevski can do as MEP on the European political arena? We can think of two things which raise high concern among the oligarchs - they have one favourite rein which they use to keep in check the headstrong – the monitoring mechanism and the fake reports on the freedom of speech.

And, when it comes to the headstrong, Peevski for sure is a nuisance for the criminal lords and for this reason they are painting him blacker that the devil in their media. After the first two attacks failed they have launched a third one claiming that the MP of the opposition Movement for Rights and Freedoms was peddling influence over cadre policy in Bulgaria and particularly in the judicial system. The key to refuting this lie is in the word ‘opposition’. Peevski doesn’t have any levers of influence unlike the offspring of Ivan Kostov who for years after the latter’s shadow officially left the Council of Ministers building still continue to form cabinets behind the scenes (according to the words of PM Boyko Borissov who admitted that the indicted oligarch Ivo Prokopiev pushed through several ministers in his first cabinet – Author’s note).

The fake about influence peddling has spread like fire in the oligarchic media outlets, Dnevnik, Mediapool and Sega and reappeared in a new wording in the site of the pharmaceutical boss Ognyan Donev – Club Z. It was the commentary by a purportedly independent journalist who poses as a member of the even ‘more independent’ Association of European Journalists in Bulgaria which makes its own rankings of the Bulgarian media. In the text released by Club Z, Peevski is described as someone who is capo di tutti capi without any evidence. This statement is based only on the make-belief stories told by the oligarchs.

However, the aim of the exercise is not to tell the truth but to hit Peevski.

At this point a logical question suggests itself: why the oligarchs are so much afraid of Peevski being nominated for MEP. The answer is simple and logical – because all of the European and parliamentary elections in recent years Peevski has won in the first round in contrast with their backstage political projects. And this is a serious problem for the behind-the-scenes clique.

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