White shark sensation: Oligarchy’s pawns have delirious dreams about Peevski

When thermometers start hitting 30℃ many have their brains turn to mush. This phenomenon has manifested itself in the past few days on familiar and obscure Bulgarian websites openly serving the interests of indicted oligarchs. Buckling under the heath and the stress, the oligarchy’s scribblers rolled up their sleeves and got down to slandering the sworn enemy of the behind-the-scenes clique in Bulgaria – lawmaker of the opposition party MRF and Telegraph Media publisher Delyan Peevski.

This, of course, was done without evidence and using one talking point survivor of the scorching summer weather – the assembly line for lies about Peevski must keep going. And so in the span of several hours, a bunch of puzzling articles popped up in various publications ostensibly owned by different people but actually operating under the same control centre (the oligarchs created by former PM Ivan Kostov). One of the articles connects, without the help of facts or evidence, Peevski to the name of Ivan Geshev, the only candidate for the position of prosecutor general. In another, the aforementioned scribblers regurgitate the two-weeks old claim that the Prosecutor’s Office revealed the Personal Identification Codes of the lawmaker, PM Boyko Borissov and outgoing Prosecutor General Sotir Tsatsarov, when the reality is that it was those “journalists” who did it. In a third text, the former State Security operative Iliyan Vassilev blames Peevski for the African swine fever pandemic in the country.

The common denominator of all these delirious musings is the need to carry out the oligarch’s decree for the wave of fake news against Peevski on the internet to be constantly fed. This is why even in the dead time for the news business that is August the pawns of the behind-the-scenes clique tirelessly work to write fabrications and so justify their fees.

Let no one be surprised if some old and tired State Security agent, who is now paying their bills by doing the oligarchs’ bidding, decides to resurrect the threadbare sensation about a shark sighting in the Black Sea and pins it on Peevski.

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