Whistleblowers to receive better protection in EU

Photo: EP Virginie Roziere

With a wide majority, MEPs adopted new EU-wide rules that are giving better protection for those disclosing information on illegal or harmful activities acquired in work-related circumstances. The new rules, already agreed with EU ministers, lay down new EU-wide standards to protect people revealing breaches of EU law related to a public procurement, financial services, money laundering, product and transport safety, nuclear safety, public health, consumer and data protection.

Recent scandals such as LuxLeaks, Panama Papers and Football leaks have helped to shine a light on the great precariousness that whistleblowers suffer today, underlined the rapporteur, Virginie Roziere, French S&D MEP.

The new rules give whistleblowers safe reporting channels, ensuring the information disclosed remains confidential, notwithstanding whether they disclose it to the legal entity concerned or directly to competent national authorities or relevant EU institutions.

The new directive explicitly prohibits reprisals and introduces safeguards to prevent the whistleblower from being suspended, demoted and intimidated or facing other forms of retaliation. The people who assist whistleblowers, such as colleagues and relatives, are also protected.

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