Volvo to recall more than 500,000 cars worldwide

The withdraw was necessary due to a possible engine fire

Volvo 2017 V90 Cross Country

Over 500,000 Volvo cars are being recalled worldwide due to a fire risk in the engine caused by a malfunctioning plastic part, the car manufacturer announced, adding that only a few rare cases have seen the part cause a fire, but drivers should still be careful.

According to company's announcement the recall will affect its four-cylinder diesel engine models. Specifically, the 2014-2019 versions of the following models: S80, S60, V70, XC70, S60 Cross Country, V60, XC60, V60 Cross Country, S90, V90, V90 Cross Country, XC90, V40, and V40 Cross Country.

Volvo says that in some of them, the plastic part in the engine has melted and deformed, leading to a possible engine fire. As per the Guardian, however, a spokesman has said that only "a few" fires have actually occurred to date, with no report of injuries.

Still, all owners of the cars have received letters from Volvo warning them of the engine fire risk. They have been informed that it is safe to continue using their cars, but they should be aware of the issue, as well as "symptoms" in the car. These "symptoms" include a lack of power, the warning light coming on, or an "unusual smell."

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