Under the red umbrella

The young artist Daniela Stoykova “tells” about her life in Italy with the exhibition My Way at The Art of Love bakery in Sofia, which opened on 14 July. Brimming with emotion, a true feast for contemporary art lovers and connoisseurs of the abstract style, the collection is once again marked by the recurring symbol of the red umbrella, a linking device characteristic of Daniela's paintings.

My Way follows the Artist's life in Italy over the past year - a story told not with words but with emotion. Each painting reflects a month of the past year, encapsulating the impact of its events and feelings. The selection of works encompasses a whole host of moods - both romantic and quite dramatic.

“Some of my favourite themes are the sea, the big city, the mountain, nature as a whole, also rain, snow. Light and water are important elements of my work. I explore the ways in which light is reflected by the water surface and the wet streets, the way it diffuses and meshes colours, creating breathtaking beauty that makes me dream,” the artist said.

She shares that her paintings are an extension of her inner world and sensibilities. To her, painting is not a tool but necessity. It helps her shed emotions and sets her free.

Daniela Stoykova was born in Nova Zagora in 1990. Painting has been her passion since childhood when she participated in many exhibitions and initiatives for children. While in Italy in 2017-2018, she took part in many exhibitions and won awards - first prize in the Food Art Competition in Belinzago, the Sigillo Award for outstanding achievement in the field of painting given out by the La riseria art gallery in Novara.

In January 2018, Alson Gallery - Milan presented her solo exhibition The Red Journey, which drew considerable interest. In March, Daniela Stoykova participated in the prestigious exhibition La donna nel arte in the Museum of art and Culture in Milan.

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