UK police prepare for Brexit no deal disorder

British police have 10,000 officers ready to respond within 24 hours to any disorder or increase in hate crime if Britain leaves the European Union with no deal, Martin Hewitt, head of the National Police Chiefs’ Council said on Thursday.

He also warned “prominent individuals” involved in the protracted Brexit debate should avoid inciting anger given the “febrile” and “emotive” atmosphere, amid concerns of violence and disorder. “There’s a responsibility on us all to think carefully and be temperate in how we communicate so we don’t inflame tensions,” he said

An exit on 12 April without any transition deal to cushion the shock to trade, business or consumers remains a real possibility. At the same time, there have been warnings from a number of Brexit supporters that failing to get Britain out of the EU could lead to civil unrest. Many lawmakers have received threats from extremists or are under police protection.


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