Tsvetan Vassilev’s pet assailant asks questions but awaits no answers. Peevski is to blame again

Delyan Peevski

Georgi Georgiev, the person who brutally attacked a journalist is otherwise the leader of Boets NGO. Now he again let himself go, but this time asking questions.

We see him barrel-chested clad in white toga and with a crown of laurel, just like some Roman orator. But this solemn air somehow doesn’t fit with the psychological profile of a man who can give a thick ear to a journalist daring to ask him questions. That is why we strip him of his toga and leave him in shorts to let him spar with the reps of the media whose business, in his opinion, is to copy-paste his smart ideas, which are not so smart on close scrutiny…

There are media where this thug so much favoured by Tsvetan Vassilev feels at home. For instance, on Frognews he really cut loose and keeps asking questions. Because this is the job of the assailants of journalists – to ask. His master, Agent Academician (whose real name is Ognyan Stefanov) beyond our expectation pats on the back this journalists’ attacker despite the fact that some years ago he himself was the victim of assailants who beat him up brutally. 

The bad thing about copy-pasting is that no one reads what is written. Apparently Georgi Georgiev is asking about police rule but Fognews copy-pastes it erroneously. Why don’t they try and read what they wrote before they make it all the way and reach the essential part, that about Peevski. Because for Frognews a day is not complete without a fake about Peevski.      

Their sponsor Tsvetan Vassilev may feel injured and after all money is money. If the sponsor decides to pull the plug on them it will put to end their careers as journalists. And there will be not a mite left of their bravery.

Whatever is the reason why Tsvetan Vassilev’s “warrior” mentions the name of the Telegraph Media at the drop of a hat, his inquiry doesn’t make the grade. Maybe because he is not faced with journalists who would slap him so that he could see how it feels. Otherwise he might be suspected of lobbyism because affection he feels for investigator Boyko Atanassov is obvious. This is his confession which makes asking him questions worthwhile: “Some days ago I dropped in to the Interior Ministry regional directorate in Vidin and within several minutes collected six signatures of policemen in support of civil candidature of investigating officer Boyko Atanassov for the post of prosecutor general. They undersigned the petition but didn’t dare showing their faces…” Why the pet of Tsvetan Vassilev bothers to get up petitions in police stations is a separate question. But he will for sure have a good scope of work in penitentiary facilities, especially after the fugitive banker is put behind bars for the CorpBank bankruptcy. This day will come and then it will be our turn to ask questions. Because we are not afraid of Georgi Georgiev when he shakes his fist at journalists.

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