Tsvetan Vassilev’s NGO Boets declared only BGN 447 in revenues

“Storm on lawlessness” is a simulation attack against Peevski which NGO launches instead of targeting itself and its mentor

Tsvetan Vassilev and Georgi Georgiev

A ludicrous sum of BGN 447.42 annual revenue declared before the state Boets,  the NGO connected with Tsevtan Vassilev. On paper, the NGO has no ‘debit and credit’. Almost. At the same time, for two years now it has been organizing rallies allegedly against violations of justice in Bulgaria, inundates the state institutions with warnings against the enemies of their mentor, the fugitive banker, and resorts to the services of expensive defense lawyers.

This kind of activity costs at least tens of thousands in Euro, but this kind of financing, at least officially, does not have a clear source. This was established after the enquiry of Monitor Agency in the public registers of the country provoked by the “warriors” of Vassilev and their next in a row simulated alarm signal. It was dated 13 May and is a follow-up of the absurdist play staged by the organisation and backed by the media outlets of their mentor Vassilev and oligarchs Ivo Prokopiev, Ognyan Donev and Sasho Donchev who attack the MEP candidature of lawmaker and publisher of Telegraph Media Delyan Peevski.
After at first the Central Electoral Commission (CEC) and then the Supreme Administrative Court (SAC) rejected the attempts of Georgi Georgiev and NGO Boets to make public believe that Peevski does not meet the eligibility criteria for MEP the organisation declared that it submitted a warning signal against the MP to the Supreme Prosecutor’s Office of Cassation. The signal referred to the submittance of a document with incorrect content, in particular that Peevski declared that he lives in Bulgaria and meets the criteria stipulated in the Election Code. It is a sure fact that he meets these criteria confirmed by the CEC and the rule of the SAC, which Boets tries to contest, this time before the Prosecutor’s Office, with a “weighty” argument that they looked for the lawmaker several times but did not find him. The new fact in the text is the claim of the NGO that “they finance their activity independently but the lawsuits against the criminalised institutions and mafia which occupied the state are now to start”. What is the reason why they say so remains an enigma. It is even a greater mystery how exactly they are financed, because the organisation does not explain it either in its communication or before the state institutions.          
 The reference in the Commercial Register where the NGOs already declare their activity profile and incomes shows that by the this day, the organisation established in 2015 has submitted only one financial statement concerning its activity. According to the law, they should have submitted at least three statements – for 2016, 2017 and 2018. But the Register features only one – for 2017.  And it says that the NGO had only BGN 201 in expenses for external services and BGN 447 in revenues. Out of them BGN 360 are membership fees. Having in mind that according to their Statutes, it has to amount to BGN 10 for a trimester the sum designates an impressive membership of nine. The remaining BGN 87,42 are in the “revenues from other donations” article.
At the same time the organisation reports a whole series of events in 2017, among them several rallies staged together with another NGO connected with oligarch of the Justice for Everybody behind which transpires the figure of Ivo Prokopiev and an independent protest. Only the sound services for such an event would cost more than the sum specified in their financial statement. Apart from that, Georgiev and his people launched their website in the same year. The reference in the list of companies providing the internet services shows that this is an investment that would cost about Euro several thousand for the most elementary internet page. Where from comes the discrepancy between the sums declared by Boets and their real expenses? The sole explanation is the fact that exactly in 2017 the link between the NGO and Tsvetan Vassilev transpired. In August, Georgi Georgiev met the fugitive banker in the lobby of a Belgrade hotel where by that moment Vassilev lived lavishly hiding from justice in Bulgaria. Shortly after the meeting, caught on tape, started the active campaign of the organisation against the enemies of the man who syphoned off billions from CorpBank and his oligarchic friends in Bulgaria. The No.1 target among the enemies is Peevski owing to his legislative initiatives which forestalled the secondary looting of CorpBank and brought to light the financing of all media in Bulgaria, including the online media. At the same time, exactly the online media outlets comprise the Fake News Factory sustained by Prokopiev, Vassilev, Donchev and Donev which is spewing out fakes 7/24. Now this group evidently is terrified that Peevski will be elected MEP and will continue to fight against the backstage clique form the podium of the European Parliament.
Now it is time to remind apropos that in the case of the Supreme Administrative Court vs Central Electoral Committee a week ago initiated after the NGO’s warning against Peevski Boets was represented by lawyer Nikolay Hadjigenov. He is one of the most expansive defence lawyers in Sofia whose fee Boets could not afford with the revenues they declared. The explanation again is in the fact that the NGO has connections with Tsvetan Vassilev with whom Hadjigenov is also connected.   And while his fee can probably be quoted only by Boets or their mentor Vassilev it is much more clear what sum did they pay for the rented hall in the Sofia hotel where the organisation in partnership with Justice for Everybody staged a press conference with the starring participation of chairman of the Supreme Court of Cassation Lozan Panov. Four-hour rent there costs about €700 or, in other words, four times more than the annual incomes declared by Boets. And sound services are not included in this sum.
All these facts go to show that if Boets really was decided to fight corruption in Bulgaria they should have started from their mentor who, according to the deputy Prosecutor General Ivan Geshev, syphoned off the CorpBank depositors about BGN 5 to 6 billion. Whether the hired services of the organisation are not paid with exactly this money is a question which only the investigators can answer. One thing is sure – the tracks are leading in this direction.

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