Tsvetan Vassilev pays for a bloody protest against Geshev

Tsvetan Vassilev (L) and Georgi Georgiev

Tsvetan Vassilev’s puppets from the NGO Boets are preparing to instigate instances of bloody violance at the protest against prosecutor-general nominee Ivan Geshev they are organising. This was reported by Channel 3, which, among other things, cites social media posts by the chairperson of the organisation Georgi Georgiev, who has openly demonstrated his close ties to Vassilev.

The protest is scheduled for 12 September and envisions blockades of court houses across the country (with no timetable) in addition to calls for the government to step down and slogans against the appointment of Ivan Geshev as prosecutor general.

Georgiev and the thin ranks of his Facebook followers have been stoking the fire of public tensions for the past month, using insults-ridden obscene language as well as the occasional calls for mob law, spilling blood and hurling cobbles at the enemies of Tsvetan Vassilev, Channel 3 reminds. The oligarchs behind this latest attempt to discredit public institutions in Bulgaria seeking to hold them accountable for their crimes must have reached critical levels of desperation for the former to actively incite street violence.

Georgi Georgiev’s Facebook posts openly encourage violence and blood. Georgiev’s supporters proclaim they will fight the police, even offer advice as to the best ways to provoke an altercation.

So, after syphoning off CorpBank and embezzling billions of levs of Bulgarians’ savings, Tsvetan Vassilev has apparently decided, in a last-ditch effort to get himself a pardon for his sins, to go all in and pay hooligans to attack people on the streets. However, seeing a bloody “civil revolution” as your way to escape the prospect of being in the dock speaks to a terminal stage of criminal thinking. If a line is truly crossed and his paid followers physically attack representatives of the law enforcement, the police should not only ensure public order and safety but use whatever means necessary to crack down on the criminal orcs of Vassilev who obviously understand democracy as their right to obstruct justice by resorting to violence.

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