The money Gebrev paid to lay hands on Dunarit smacks of Russian ties

Emiliyan Gebrev

The Russian trace and shadow of the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) transpire having in mind the hard cash which Emilian Gebrev, Vassilev’s associate, had paid to lay hands on Dunarit. For over two years now, the arms dealer has been trying to get registered as the owner of the military plant, the cost of which is estimated at around BGN 300m.

To achieve that, he applies a series of schemes devised by the fugitive banker to whose benefit he is working. So far, however, the sum he paid for it is ridiculously low – only BGN 12.4m, which accounts for only 4% of the Dunarit’s market price. Moreover that it was paid to the other associate of Vassilev, Ivan Ezerski and not to the bankrupt CorpBank which padded with about BGN 200m the loans of the Dunarit economic group.

The money Gebrev tabled pro forma came from a loan he took out from a bank. However, within just weeks it was paid off from a Polish bank  account. Its origin is obscure to our investigators but there are doubts that this money comes from the partnership of EMKO with the PCK Mig Company, a Polish joint stock firm Polit-elektronic, journalistic investigation of the Monitor agency shows.

Read about the progress of the Monitor journalistic inquiry tomorrow

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