The “matriarch” of fake news gave herself away – she serves Vassilev

Fake News Factory fabricates another pack of lies about Peevski

Stoyana Georgieva

The publisher of Mediapool Stoyana Georgieva, also known as the “matriarch” of fake news, has inadvertently betrayed herself: she really renders services to the fugitive banker Tsvetan Vassilev.  In an emotionally charged article titled “Defence lawyer working on CorpBank case has new incrimination” the e-edition laments that one of the defence lawyers of the banker known as the Bulgarian Madoff, namely Lazar Karadaliev, is being investigated for money laundering.    

The lawyer in question also serves with Vassilev’s cronie – arms dealer Emilian Gebrev, who seized hold of the Dunarit munitions factory right under the nose of the state authorities. The name of the MP of the Movement for Rights and Freedoms and publisher of Telegraph Media Delyan Peevski was also enmeshed in the Mediapool publication, although no facts are quoted which could confirm that Peevski really had any interest in Dunarit.

Stoyana Georgieva is a spokesperson of ex-PM Ivan Kostov who carried out mafia-style privatisation in Bulgaria and crowned the new oligarchy.

Georgieva has been known as a “matriarch” of fake news since the time when on her Mediapool website she trumpeted that the sympathisers wanted to found a new rightist party after Kostov crushed the right wing and ruined the Union of Democratic Forces. In fact, she promoted the next in a row political GMO created by Kostov – Democrats for Strong Bulgaria (DSB). The campaign of Mediapool aimed at proclaiming the new offspring of Kostov’s political engineers and his satellite oligarchs became notorious for many gaffs.

His biggest blunder, however, undoubtedly was the lie claiming that the European Commission sent in a letter demanding resignation of Prosecutor General Sotir Tsatsarov. This fake news was promptly refuted by both Brussels and Sofia. Frans Timmermans, First Vice-President of the European Commission even had to disprove the lie and explain that such letter has never existed.

However, the newest lampoon published on Georgieva’s website exposes her as a mouthpiece not only of Kostov but also of the fugitive banker Tsvetan Vassilev who fled to Serbia to evade justice in Bulgaria. And, as soon as there’s no such thing as a free lunch, it is hardly possible that her website is put into BG Madoff’s service without compensation. And it is a public secret where from Vassilev got the money to pay for such generous support. It is clear to all: these are the billions syphoned off the CorpBank. Similar to Kostov and his junior daughter Mina Kostova, on whom the BG Madoff lavished the money plundered from the bankrupt treasury. Apart from an office building Kostov’s “Demokratsia” foundation availed of freehanded loans provided by Tsvetan Vassilev, while Mina Kostova also sponged on the CorpBank thanks to the contract for consulting services with her Antorna firm.                  

On her website, Stoyana Georgieva defends lawyer Karadaliev who, together with Gebrev, is investigated for money laundering and implicates Delyan Peevski “because of a suspicion” that the latter tried to buy the munitions factory in Ruse, in disregard of the fact that even now Dunarit is still the piggy-bank of the fugitive banker.   

Peevski has never shown any interest in the munitions factory – only the state and bankruptcy administrators of CorpBank are interested in it. And, of course, the oligarchs whose Fake News Factory is financed by the Bulgarian Madoff. The oligarchy in Bulgaria was set in by the Commander (Kostov’s byname) who, just like Turkish preacher Fethullah Guelen, tried to establish a parallel state. Kostov presented to Ivo Prokopiev Damianitsa winery and Kaolin mining company which became emblems of the mafia-style privatisation. Under Kostov’s rule Ognyan Donev acquired Sofarma, Sasho Donchev laid hands on natural gas business and Tsvetan Vassilev was crowned as banker. For this reason we have such expensive gas, overpriced medicines and poisoned town of Merichleri. This oligarchic circle is terribly worried that Telegraph Media reveals the truth about the “heist of the century” and bears it out with facts and documents. In response, the Fake News Factory circulates lies about us.

The money from the Dunarit munitions factory flows to Belgrade. So said Deputy Prosecutor General Ivan Geshev over a year ago. “Officers of the Prosecution searched the offices of the shell companies which are located at the same address – 159, Tsar Boris III Blvd., Sofia. Apart from the offices of the shell firms there is also Vassilev’s cashbox there and the bank’s office. These firms, which drain the bank, are housed in his office. This makes it easier to control them. Yes, there are assets bought with the bank’s money, but the problem is that CorpBank has no control over it. If Vassilev meant well he would have said that he returns Dunarit to the state. Because it is a public secret who controls Dunarit now – Vassilev does it via his dummies,” Geshev commented.    

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