Telegraph also asks to #Whom is Porozhanov

Rumen Porozhanov

Whose man is Porozhanov, asks Deutsche Welle (DW) in a commentary about Minister of Agriculture Rumen Porozhanov. Just hours later the commentary was reprinted by Club Z sustained by pharmaceutical boss Ognyan Donev. The Telegraph, as an objective and independent medium also joins in the query, as the query answers the key question, that is on whom the Agriculture Minister depends – is it Ivo Prokopiev, Ognyan Donev, Sasho Donchev or other oligarchs?

According to the hints in the commentary by DW, Porozhanov is not a man of PM Borissov, but it is not made clear whose man he actually is. We know that in the first cabinet of Borissov there were two ministers “installed” personally by oligarch Ivo Prokopiev: Kaolin stakeholder Traicho Traikov and financial genius Simeon Djankov who offered lean pizza to the Bulgarians while dishing out bonuses to the employees of the Finance Ministry. Now this trio, Prokopiev, Traikov and Djankov, are facing charges for the EVN affair and the sale of the state share in the company for BGN 20m, in which Prokopiev himself pocketed BGN 1,3m via his intermediary firm Bulbrokers.
As regards Borissov’s second cabinet, it was also known who the minister under control of the oligarchy was. It was the failed minister of justice Hristo Ivanov- Pinocchio, who later set up the boutique party Yes, Bulgaria. It has proved to be a GMO project engineered by the “creator” of the oligarchy in Bulgaria – Ivan Kostov. The words of Hristo Ivanov who called the wife of Lozan Panov the Black Swan also resounded among the behind-the-scenes circles. He voiced this sacramental phrase during a semi-underground ARGO gathering of the power brokers held on 8 July 2016.

And, to push through a fake news about lawmaker and our publisher Delyan Peevski, DW quote Atanas Chobanov of Bivol, who said that Porozhanov is from the Peevski’s quota in power.

Actually DW are right in their demand for a detailed investigation of the affair with the guest houses. Telegraph also insists on finding out who and how benefited from the European funds allocated for the project (a total of 1,062 guest houses). To make it transparent what are the fraudulent schemes and who backs them. To make it clear what are the names of their owners and the people who lined their pockets.

Only DW after saying A should also say Z. Evidently the colleagues from the Bulgarian desk of the highly-reputed German radio- and TV Corporation know the truth but prefer to hush it up.

Tell us the truth, dear colleagues!

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