Tajani urges Marshal Plan for Africa, traffickers blacklist

Photo: EPA Antonio Tajani speaks at a press conference in Tripoli.

The EU should work on a Marshal Plan for Africa within the next long-term budget in order to spur development at the continent and stop constant migration flow, EP President Antonio Tajani said last Monday during a short visit to Libya. “We need to dedicate at least €40bn to mobilise €500bn in total investment. Our objective is to lay the foundation of a manufacturing industry in Africa, capable of creating jobs and giving a future to young Africans,” he said.

Tajani also stressed the importance of strengthening relations between the EU and Libya. “The Libyan people are asking Europe to speak with one voice, with one message strengthening the coordination of all the efforts under way,” he pointed out and announced plans for a working day on Libya at the European Parliament in Brussels on 10 October. “This meeting will bring together all the parties interested in the various sectors of cooperation,” he added.

According to Tajani, all new EU funds for Africa “must be spent on Libya and Niger” to help them manage migration flows.” He was referring to the €500m of additional funding allocated to the European trust fund for Africa, which should be matched by national funds.

EP president also announced a series of initiatives including the creation of a “blacklist of people smugglers” and said that Libya's southern borders need to be controlled and strengthened to stem migration to Europe. “We have to establish a blacklist of the major traffickers so that police and law enforcement in Africa and in Europe can work together on a common objective,” he pointed out after meeting the head of Libya's internationally backed government in Tripoli. Tajani suggested that refugee centres be set up on the border between Niger and Libya to separate out genuine asylum seekers from economic migrants.

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