Tafrov pays to spread lies about Peevski

The ill-famed ex-diplomat and associate of Ivan Kostov pays for his election campaign which he mounted at the expense of lawmaker and publisher of Telegraph Media Delyan Peevski. Stefan Tafrov who is on the second position in the voting list of the oligarchic coalition “Democratic Bulgaria” allots generous funds to be able to tour TV channels, post his ads in the internet – all in order to spread fakes on the  online sites connected with the circles and the union that nominated him.

The abovementioned coalition pooled together the parties financed and backed by the Bulgarian oligarchs, Tsvetan Vassilev, indicted publishers Ivo Prokopiev, Ognyan Donev and their henchman Saso Donchev, these are Democrats for Strong Bulgaria (DSB), Yes, Bulgaria and the Green Party. As long as Tafrov has nothing to show to distinguish himself from the crowd he circulates the talking points sent down to him by those same oligarchs. As one could guess, the target again is their sworn enemy – Delyan Peevski. The latter is the second on the voting list of the Movement for Rights and Freedoms (MRF) for the EP election and the behind-the-scenes clique are shaking in their boots sensing that if he is elected he would pursue his campaign against the oligarchs and further reveal their crimes from the parliamentary podium in Brussels.

So, within one day alone, the ex-diplomat appeared on air in two TV programmes and later paid to Club Z, the site of the pharmaceutical boss Ognyan Donev, to spread his lies. The above site, which is part of the oligarchic Fake News Factory posted a sponsored article which quotes only what Tafrov said in a pre-election debate with the other MEP candidates and, of course, the emphasis in his statements was again on smearing Peevski.

Tafrov is famous mainly for his scandals. The first scandal he was involved in was the “independent” recognition of Macedonia, which during the tumultuous transition period helped his to win over high-ranking supporters (apart from the enemies) who later sent him to Rome. In his capacity of the Bulgarian ambassador to Italy he remained in the diplomatic folklore owing to his “orgiastic” behaviour. After several tenures as a deputy chief of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, again as a protégé of Ivan Kostov, Tafrov was sent to the Bulgarian mission in the UN where he had his moment of fame staging a campaign against the nomination of Irina Bokova for the president of the organisation.  

Only a day ago, he Union of Democratic Forces (SDS) caught Tafrov in theft. Referring to him PM Borissov commented, “Certain turncoats asked me to make them ambassadors and then came out with statements against me. Our party is an exemplary member of the EPP and we stay there. We are not like… there was one ambassador to UN who doesn’t know where to go. I watched him while he was attacking me. As far as I know him, some 6-7 years ago he was begging to let him stay there, in the UN. These are simply double-faced people… These double-dealers beg to remain ambassadors with high salaries then they all of a sudden switch sides, join another party and start talking against me. They forget how they came to me begging.”

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