String of websites spews fake news about Peevski

Delyan Peevski

Dozens of websites, strung by the Fake News Factory in a neat unit with the sole purpose of spreading lies, are churning out fake news against lawmaker and Telegraph Media publisher Delyan Peevski 24/7. The goal of the attack is clear – to defame the sworn enemy of the indicted oligarchs, who has been exposing the behind-the-scenes clique’s shady deals through legislative initiatives and the investigations conducted by the members of his publishing group.

This is why it does not really matter whether the so-called “news” actually reveals new information or is rather stale. What matters is that it is disseminated daily and with zealous effort by the negligible websites of the indicted crime bosses. Such is the case with two articles that recently popped up on some of the obscure publications of the Fake News Factory.

The first one reflects the fugitive banker Tsvetan Vassilev’s latest desperate attempt to attack against Peevski. After it became clear that the Magnitsky Act balloon, which the Bulgarian Madoff has been inflating for the past year and a half, is starting to let out air, another balloon was quickly produced – a claim under the RICO act in the US.

The website first broke the news about the lawsuit after it supposedly received an email with the “documentation” for the filing. The same explanation was offered by the first cousin of oligarch Nikolay Banev – Lyuba Kulezich, who quipped that the filing was made available by the Bulgarian Revolutionary Committee [the one of the pre-liberation days]. Obviously, we are not talking about followers of [national hero] Vasil Levski here, but about yet another NGO, a clone of the unsuccessful organisation Boets, which was supposed to serve the interests of the fugitive banker. In an interview with journalist-for-hire Lyuba Kulezich, Vassilev, who is hiding from the Bulgarian justice in Belgrade, said that he knew about the lawsuit. Well, he failed to mention that he is the one behind it.

In a transparent attempt to recycle the RICO claim news, two other cogs of the Fake News Factory copy-pasted it. These are Bivol , the website of Asen Yordanov and Atanas Chobanov, notorious for carrying out dirty jobs for its gangster owners, and the website whose content is produced by the far gentler Yasen Darakov. For years, Darakov has been hovering around the Fake News Factory, hoping to get a change to offer his services to its masters. A look at the paper edition of his publication shows that its list of contributors often includes authors from Economedia – the media group of oligarch Ivo Prokopiev. Obviously, the goal of the regurgitated articles about the RICO claim has nothing to do with informing the public and everything to do with further spreading the indicted banker Tsvetan Vassilev’s theses on the internet.   

The situation is similar with the second material that again appeared in, only this time not on the website proper, but as a short post on their page in Facebook.

It was a “warmed-up” fake by Mediapool from the beginning of the week, in which the media outlet created with the blessing of Ivan Kostov brings back the false thesis about the purported connection of Peevski with Bulgartabac. This time the publication has refreshed the “news” clipping it to the text which had nothing to do with the lawmaker. The occasion they used for it was the visit of Prosecutor General Sotir Tsatsarov and Minister of Interior Mladen Mladenov to the United Arab Emirates where the two are to discuss with their colleagues cooperation in combatting organized crime and terrorism. As any reasonable person would surmise, there is nothing in common between this visit and the person of Peevski.   

Only someone whose brain cracked up from conspiracy theories and an overdose of oligarchic talking points would be able to trace such a connection. Which of the two applies to the author of the material about the UAE visit we cannot know, but the fact is that a passage is clipped to the article, which quite absurdly links the programme of the visit with the claim that tobacco holding Bulgartabac is the main exporter of cigarettes to the Emirates and the misinformation that Peevski is connected with the holding. This absurd claim has been refuted dozens of times and it can be exposed as lie after a simple reference in the trade registers of Bulgaria. The registry entries explicitly read that the MP has never had control over the holding and sold his 5% minority stake already in 2016.  And since the team of Mediapool, just like all other citizens of Bulgaria, has free access to the Commercial Register, the only reason that would explain this stubbornness in spreading fake news is the idee fixe of Ivo Prokopiev, the “chieftain” of the publication, and Stoyana Georgieva, former spokesperson of Ivan Kostov, to stand firmly against Peevski and anyone who would try to re-establish justice in Bulgaria.

In this pursuit Mediapool and the other cogs of the oligarchic slandering machine have no scruples: they readily involve in their lies even the foreign institutions. Thus, several years ago, in an attempt to bear out the allegations of their bosses against the prosecutor’s office, Georgieva announced that the European Commission demanded resignation of Bulgaria’s No.1 Prosecutor. The European Commission had to disprove this information in a special statement.

However, to Bivol and Frognews, another website supported by agent of the State Security Agency Ognyan Stefanov, this is not a problem at all. So, the visit to the UAE was used as just one more occasion to refurbish their old lies.

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