Stoyana defends Kostov with fake news about Peevski

She conveniently forgets the existence of the mastermind of Bulgaria’s free-for-all transition to democracy

Delyan Peevski

Stoyana Georgieva, the one-time spokesperson for former PM Ivan Kostov who must be hoarse from shouting out all those lies from the rooftops, seems to have suffered a heatstroke. And understandably so – the temperatures out there are in the 30s, people get muddled by the scorching heat. Stoyana must have stood too long in the sun because she has gotten completely tangled up in her own fables in her bid to defend her guru Kostov with the latest fake news about lawmaker Delyan Peevski.

The first rays of sunlight had barely broken out on Thursday when her website Mediapool, which fiercely protects Ivan Kostov and his friend Tsvetan Vassilev, aka the Bulgarian Madoff (who is hiding in Serbia after embezzling billions from CorpBank), published a fake news item entitled “The theft of the century: What is happening five years after CorpBank’s collapse”.

The text contains several actual facts but they are sparsely sprinkled throughout the story of this fake news and so are easily lost. The most glaring omission and what betrays just how much that article serves someone’s narrative is the fact that Ivan Kostov’s name is not even mentioned in relation to the engineered failure of the lender. There is no mention of him being the mastermind of Bulgaria’s free-for-all transition period to democracy and a mentor to the Bulgarian Madoff who embezzled BGN 5-6bn and fled to Belgrade, leaving the defrauded depositors empty-handed.

Naturally, Kostov’s protector conveniently forgot to include the fact that his family had BGN 700,000 in CorpBank deposits. Somehow, her mind went completely blank about the part where Kostov’s daughter Mina received BGN 270,000 from the bank in loans. What is even more scandalous is that Stoyana kept from her poor readers details like the fact that Kostov himself had a BGN 155, 894 deposit and that his late father, Yordan Genkov, had an account there with BGN 212,814 in it. Mina had BGN 213,202 stashed there, while her sister Yana – BGN 115,343. They got interest rates that only the financial pyramid of the fugitive banker could have offered.

These are facts that show all the connections and dependencies between Kostov and the Bulgarian Madoff, and Stoyana naturally chose to gloss over them. Whatever else was written in that text, it contained not a grain of truth.

What is even more scandalous is that the text insinuates that Tsvetan Vassilev is fighting Delyan Peevski over the lender, meaning that there is still meat left on the bone. Let us remind that the Telegraph Media publisher is not involved in any legal cases regarding CorpBank assets and that, while his family had a loan, it effectively repaid it. As far back as 2017, Peevski gave an interview, in which he clearly answered the questions raised by the oligarchy’s manipulations by saying: “My family used to have loans extended to it by CorpBank. It was thanks to such a loan that we were able to buy the newspapers Monitor, Telegraph and Politika a long time ago, but, contrary to what is being insinuated, we never defaulted on any monthly payments and they have all been discharged. We do not owe a single cent and that can easily be verified, as can be the fact that we do not own assets subject to ongoing cases stemming from the CorpBank’s bankruptcy proceeding. Let me stress one more thing – I and my media outlets are the only ones who shine a light on the secondary plundering of CorpBank and tell the truth about it. The only ones who expose the individuals involved in the plundering. Of course, this causes retaliation in many different forms. But I am not afraid, just the opposite – I am thoroughly convinced that we should continue to illuminate this story.”

And finally, to make the Mediapool article even more ludicrous, the author writes about Avionams as if it were still among the CorpBank assets and therefore in danger of being snatched just like Dunarit, Petrol and other companies. Let us just remind Kostov’s staunch defender Stoyana Georgieva, and her heat-stricken brain, that the state bailed out Avionams by acquiring it for the sum of BGN 28.9m. What is even more ridiculous is that Mediapool covered that deal at length on 11 May 2016.

Dear fellow journalists, please have the decency to at least refer to your own archive for some fact-checking – it would make writing that much easier for you and help you not be shamed by your own disregard for basic journalistic principles. Here, we are going to be generous spirits and, like good colleagues, protect you from spreading fake news in the future by reminding you of your own headline of said date: “State buys Tsvetan Vassilev’s aircraft repairs plant. The nearly BGN 29m in paid price goes to repaying debt to failed CorpBank”. 

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