State Security informer casts slur on Delyan Peevski

Delyan Peevski

The former agents of the State Security pursue their attacks against MP and publisher of Telegraph Media Delyan Peevski. To cater to the interests of the Fake News Factory (FNF) and to chant its talking points once more, journalist Vesselin Dremdjiev enters the scene.

In a commentary on Facebook, he tries, on the one hand, to impute Russian ties to Peevski picturing him as a “Russian proxy” and, on the other side, repeats the mantra of the manipulation factory about the alleged interests of our publisher in the Dunarit ammunitions plant.
We would just like to remind that already in 2017 Delyan Peevski explicitly said in an official statement, “I do not have, have never had and will not have anything in common with the defence industry enterprises. I have never visited any arms expos in India, Sudan, Qatar, Dubai or anywhere else and have never offered for sale “assault rifles, projectiles” or any other military equipment for that matter. The biased and openly dishonest insinuations as well as the attempts at producing totally fake news involving my name are doomed to failure     a priori.”        
The journalist nearly puts on Peevski the blame for the changing attitude of the European partners to the Bulgarian government. Of course, his claims are not based on any concrete facts or documents. It can be easily proved, however, that the abovementioned journalist is one of the proxies of the fugitive banker Tsvetan Vassilev. He has been catering to the needs of the Bulgarian Madoff for a long time, their close contacts date back to the prime of TV7, the TV channel which the ex-banker used to whitewash his image sinking in it the money plundered from CorpBank.  

Dremdjiev belongs to the cohort of the State Security agents, along with Ognyan Stefanov (aka Agent Academician) who is the owner of Frognews, the e-press office of Tsvetan Vassilev, and Ilian Vassilev (Agent Sasho) who non-stop churn out fake news about Peevski. His name features in the lists of the State Security agents twice. For the first time it happened in 2009 when the Dossiers Commission made public in the private e-media a long list of agents who worked for the secret services of the Communist era.

It transpires from the Commission’s files that he worked under alias Bogdan and was recruited in 1985 by the 6th Department of the State Security Agency, political police dealing with ideological sabotage and other subversive activities among youth, sportsmen, Bulgarian and foreign students, postgraduates and teachers. Specifically, he reported to Department 02 responsible for tracing “subversive activity” among youth and watching over international youth and sports exchange. When he was exposed as State Security agent, Dremdjiev was the director of “News and Current Events” department in TV7 Ltd and also hosted news broadcasts of the same channel.     

According to the files of the Dossiers Commission, the personal and business records of the agent were destroyed in January of 1990. Nevertheless the files of the State Security keep a record of his name in the registry book of the 6th Department.

Dremdjiev was exposed as State Security agent for the second time in 2013, when he held the office of TV news director in Bulgaria on Air channel. The agent’s commentaries have been reprinted on the spot by the media outlets of the oligarchy – Frognews of Ognyan Stefanov (Agent Academician) and   Club Z of the pharmaceutical mogul Ognyan Donev. The aim of this “action” of the secret police ex-agents against Peevski is clear: Tsvetan Vassilev who syphoned off BGN 4bn from CorpBank and now faces problems with law in Bulgaria is trying to cover up his Russian ties imputing them to our publisher.  The Bulgarian Madoff is also seized by panic because the CorpBank lawsuit has been initiated in substance and very soon all of the Vassilev’s schemes will be brought to light.

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