Slovak foreign minister resigns over UN migration pact

His decision followed a resolution advising the government to reject the UN Global Compact for Migration

Photo: EPA Slovak Minister of Foreign and European Affairs Miroslav Lajcak

Slovakia's foreign minister Miroslav Lajcak has resigned from his post in protest at his country's negative stance on a United Nations pact, which is seeking to promote an international approach to safe and orderly migration. Yet, his move is hardly considered a surprise since Lajcak, who was President of the UN General Assembly when the migration pact was adopted, had earlier threatened to quit if his country did not support it.

“Foreign Minister Miroslav Lajcak has decided, following today’s vote (in parliament)... to resign,” the ministry said on Thrusday, adding details will follow after Lajcak meets Prime Minister Peter Pellegrini and President Andrej Kiska.

The decision was announced after the country's lawmakers rejected the UN pact Thursday in a 90-15 vote, saying it's not in line with the country's policies on migration and security.

"Slovakia is fully sovereign in defining its own national migration policy,"  the adopted resolution reads. According to the document, economically motivated illegal migration is a negative phenomenon accompanied by security risks in a national, regional and global context.

The Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration was approved in July by all 193 member U.N. nations except the United States, which backed out last year, and is due to be ratified in December. Austria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Israel, Poland, Switzerland and Australia have however dropped their support for the deal and said they won't attend the meeting in Marrakech, Morocco on 10-11 December to formally approve the compact.

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