Sanchez seeks parliamentary support to form government

Photo: EPA King Felipe VI of Spain (R) meets PM Pedro Sanchez at Zarzuela Palace, Madrid, 6 June.

Spain's acting PM Pedro Sanchez, who was tasked by King Felipe VI on Thursday with forming a new government, said he would seek confirmation vote in parliament and asked for wide support. While they won a general poll in April and gained lawmakers compared to the previous term, Sanchez's socialists failed to secure a majority in parliament. Still, negotiations with other parties will not be easy. In all, 17 political groupings are represented in Spain's fragmented national parliament.

Sanchez told reporters that he will meet next week with representatives of the other three largest parties - right-wing People's Party (PP), centre-right Ciudadanos and far-left Podemos - to facilitate the formation of a government. On Thursday, both PP and Ciudadanos ruled out supporting Sanchez, but Podemos said it would seek to form a coalition government with the socialists. Far-left coalition Unidas Podemos, with its 42 seats, also has shown its willingness to back Sanchez in the parliamentary confidence vote, but in exchange, it wants to enter a coalition government. However the socialists are not keen, preferring to rule alone in a minority government which would seek the support of other parties on a case-by-case basis when passing laws or reforms.


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